Bonne Rentrée 2017!


Hello friends!

So this is our 6th « rentrée scolaire » here west of Paris!  I can’t believe it. My kids are entering 6th and 7th grade and they’re in the same « college » which is such a relief. But the cherry on top is that they’ll be taking the bus.  I hate morning drop-offs! Now I can have my mornings and my hot cup of coffee. Lire la suite

Time To Be Me…


Hi there!

In a few days, my life will drastically change from being a stay-at-home-taxi-mom to two wild teenagers, a caretaker to a senile and absent minded 90 year old mother-in-law, a confused « conseillère municipale » to a baffled Town Hall (although I am head over heals with our new President Emmanuel Macron), and Lire la suite

Time for a Spring Break!

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine today.  There won’t be a coffee time tomorrow morning but if you’re like me, you’re maybe getting ready for the kids Spring Break!

I’ll try to make the best of it too…I hope you do as well.

Time to clean out my house, go on a cleansing diet, plant my herb garden, put my life in order, and meditate! Ok, maybe I’ll do 2 of those things…

I’ll write again in May!  Hope to see you at our next Business Buzz with Femmepreneurs at Carabistouilles, Friday May 5th, 10 am.

In the meantime….



Spring is in the Air!


I’m so happy spring is near. You can feel it in the garden, on people’s faces, and cats and dogs are going crazy…. With Spring comes sunshine and warmer temperatures, but also optimism. It’s a time of growth and new beginnings. So let’s celebrate!  For the month of March, see below two uplifting events here in Orgeval! Lire la suite

Happy Month of March!

Hello ladies!

The lovely month of March is here. I know, it’s still wet and cold but if you look closely you’ll see some flower buds and even flowers! Yes, I can assure you, and here’s a picture to prove it!  Twenty more days and it’s officially Spring! Lire la suite

Taking a Break

Dear all,

The « Family Cafe Project » team is taking a looooooong break, well needed and deserved…. We hope you will be able to profit from a lovely winter school vacation too. Please have a safe break whether it’s on the sand or the snow. We wish you lots of joy and relaxation!  See below for events end of February and March. Lire la suite

Chinwag, Vin Chaud, and Sales at Zapallar!



Let’s Chinwag by the fire this Friday! Meet us at Zapallar for some vin chaud (oui, oui!), a warm fire, and some sales! So if you need another scarf or mittens, Zapallar is the perfect place, such amazing deals.

Au menu: vin chaud, Chinwag, et shopping! This Friday January 20!



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