Taking a Break

Dear all,

The « Family Cafe Project » team is taking a looooooong break, well needed and deserved…. We hope you will be able to profit from a lovely winter school vacation too. Please have a safe break whether it’s on the sand or the snow. We wish you lots of joy and relaxation!  See below for events end of February and March. Lire la suite

Summer Break! Let’s Celebrate!

Dear friends,

To end the school year and America’s Independence day, we’re promoting Carabistouilles’ lunch party on Sunday July 3rd.

Join us for some good food and fun! If the weather permits, we may go play some softball nearby. Bring your friends, family, and your baseball cap!

Call Guillaume at Carabistouilles to reserve your all-you-can-eat American style buffet!

01 39 75 45 25 or reserve on Facebook here.

american lunch-2

On Vacation


It’s time to relax, think less, exercise, enjoy nature, meditate, listen to the birds, smell the flowers, watch the sunsets, sleep a little more, enjoy your kids, do your garden, organize your house, travel to a new destination, read new books, and so much more…but not too much! Less is better, just do it mindfully…

Have a great break!