Gratitude pour l’Essentiel


Jardin du peintre Van Beek.

Je souhaite à toutes et à tous une journée exceptionnelle pleine de gratitude et de joie. En effet, c’est Thanksgiving aux USA et la partie américaine de moi a envie de fêter ça avec vous!

Je disais à mes enfants ce matin, « vous ne devinerez jamais pour quoi j’ai de la gratitude aujourd’hui! ».  Ils répondent: Pour la maison? non. Pour Papa? non. Pour le bon repas? non, non, non… En effet ils n’ont pas deviné. Alors j’ai dit, Lire la suite



Well, how lucky am I to write my 100th article today!

Perfect timing because I intended to thank all of you who have been to our FCP events and to those who would really like to come but can’t, and they still write nice replies to my emails. Thank you so much to those who cheer me up when I want to abandon everything, to those who believe in me, and to my husband especially who has been my number 1 fan from the beginning! Thank you David!

And thank you Guillaume, Maureen, Helen, Deirdre, Cara, Danielle, Séverine, Orgeval, Robynn, Sonja, Catherine, Nathalie, Lizzie, Lara,Aude, Charlotte, and more…all of you who have hosted and presented…I’m sorry if I forgot to mention you here.

I’m grateful we’re all healthy and safe. Thinking of all the things I’m grateful for gives me so much energy! Try it, you’ll see!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Have a fantastic day!

Lots of Love to you and your family,

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

Thanksgiving ce Jeudi 26 novembre à Carabistouilles

Quelle période tragique et triste nous vivons. Nous réalisons à quel point la vie est précieuse, courte, et fragile. C’est une période de reflexion profonde sur nos valeurs, nos idées politiques, et spirituelles. Quoi qu’il en soit, nous sommes tous choqués et affectés par les attentats. Nos enfants plus que nous car ils ressentent nos peurs.

Alors, c’est le moment plus que jamais de se réunir et de célébrer Thanksgiving ensemble autour d’un bon repas chaleureux, car après tous ses événements qui nous ont refroidis, (et la météo aussi!) nous avons besoin de chaleur humaine et de continuer à vivre humainement et joyeusement. On ne peut vivre sans joie. Elle se trouve partout et il faut aller la chercher sinon on risque de se faire du mal. Il faut montrer à nos enfants que l’on peut recommencer à rire et se réunir après avoir pleuré. Venez en famille, avec des amis, ou seul…


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Réservez vite votre table auprès de Guillaume à Carabistouilles! 

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à bientôt,


Happiness is Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Every year I look forward to the month of November and of course Thanksgiving.  Having grown up in New York, I celebrated this holiday and its meaning stayed with me. It’s a beautiful celebration of gratitude, along with an amazing meal. I’m grateful for Lire la suite

Thanksgiving and keeping family memories alive

My uncle Louis passed away Monday night and I’m going to his funeral today. He was 93, a year younger than my father. So now there are 2 brothers left out of a family of 9 siblings (first child was Madeleine, a second mother to her bothers). My uncle Georges just celebrated his 100th and my uncle Jacques is 86. As I get older, so does my family, and this is the way it is. Time to leave this world for some and time for those who are staying to move on.

I feel a need to share my thoughts this morning Lire la suite

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you happy?

I am so grateful to have a few minutes to myself so I can write in my blog. All day I’ve been thinking: what can I write that is different than what other people write for thanksgiving? Why do I need to be different anyway? Lire la suite

Thanksgiving, a real family project!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only because of the food, which is so delicious and perfect for the season. It’s especially because of the spirit and the message behind it. I prefer not to think of the historical background because unfortunately the Indians suffered more than profited from the new settlers. Let’s leave the past where it is since we can’t do anything about it. We can think now and ahead about what we are thankful for. That is the real spirit of Thanksgiving.

When I was growing up in New York, my parents did not celebrate Thanksgiving because they were French. Instead we went out to a fine restaurant in the country. I can remember Lire la suite