JUNE! A Special Writer’s Workshop Friday June 20 and more…

Finally. June! Maybe some more sunshine? Twenty one days until it’s officially summer.  Don’t despair. Pretty soon we will be able to put on our summer dresses!  June is also a count-down month to the long summer vacation for our children, which is sometimes not a vacation for the parents really.  At least I don’t feel it this way. My husband is working and only taking 2 weeks off, and I’m heading down south with the kids to our house in the Ardèche. They will be kept busy at Lire la suite

Walk & Talk with an Introduction to Mindful Walking this Thursday May 22nd

Hello everybody!

I’m back from my getaway and it was fantastic. I will write and post a few pictures about my escapade to Cinque Terre soon but first the information about our next meeting. It’s going to be amazing and I’m really looking forward to it.


It’s going to be a Walk & Talk but also an introduction to Mindful Walking with Séverine Dauguet.  Séverine is Lire la suite

Bonne Fête de la Victoire! (et changement de date pour le prochain café CNV)


Quelle journée, quelle semaine, quel temps!  J’ai pleins de choses à vous raconter.

La journée d’abord.  Mon nouveau rôle en tant que conseillère municipale m’a beaucoup motivé à amener les enfants aux célébrations du 8 mai.  Je pensais que ça allait être difficile de les convaincre mais ils étaient heureux d’y être.  La fanfare, les militaires, les drapeaux, les chants, le discours d’Eisenhower, Lire la suite

DATES des prochains « cafés » / for upcoming « cafés »

I hope you had a pleasant Easter week-end! The children and I are still at my mother’s house in the south west of France. It used to be my grandmother’s house, my great grandfather’s before that, and so on… On my mother’s side, we are pure blood from Gascony. Vive les Mousquetaires! So many stories in and around these walls. Some sad and some happy. But what always comes back every year are the same flowers and trees. The garden around the house hasn’t changed in over a hundred years!

My mother makes the most beautiful bouquets with flowers from her garden. Here is one for you.

photo-1By the way, if you’re interested in coming to the south west of France, Agen region, my mother manages a « clé vacances ». Check out her site! Clé Vacances – Colayrac St. Cirq

Here is a brief outline for upcoming cafés. Lire la suite