Ringana Family Project on Facebook!

Happy Spring! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creating a new Facebook business page but I was struggling with a name. Who is my target audience? How can I link it to me? What is my vision?

Springing, Learning, and Growing

Hello! Funny title, right? Isn’t it interesting that the word « spring » has many definitions? I won’t go into all of them but it’s a peculiar word because it involves a lot of energy to be able to emerge (yes like the plants and trees at the moment), and it can also be harmful as in theLire la suite « Springing, Learning, and Growing »

DATES des prochains « cafés » / for upcoming « cafés »

Hello! I hope you had a pleasant Easter week-end! The children and I are still at my mother’s house in the south west of France. It used to be my grandmother’s house, my great grandfather’s before that, and so on… On my mother’s side, we are pure blood from Gascony. Vive les Mousquetaires! So manyLire la suite « DATES des prochains « cafés » / for upcoming « cafés » »

SPRING FAIR et vente privée Tuesday April 8, Orgeval

You are invited to our SPRING FAIR Tuesday April 8, 9 :30 am to 3 pm Chez Deirdre Lowe 7 chemin du Ru 78630 Orgeval (parking behind Church) Come spend a relaxing day in our country side! Potluck picnic. Bring a bite to share if you wish! Coffee, tea, fruit juice and pastries will beLire la suite « SPRING FAIR et vente privée Tuesday April 8, Orgeval »

Annonce de la naissance du Family Café Project

Bonjour! Je suis pleine d’émotions aujourd’hui. Des négatives mais surtout des positives…mais rassurez-vous,  je vais me concentrer uniquement sur le positif. Pourquoi me rendre malade avec le négatif?! ça ne sert à rien.  Et puis je n’ai plus le droit de râler (n’est-ce pas Christine?). Positivons!!! Alors,