Enjoy the sun!

Hello ladies,

Beautiful days are here, and some are holidays in France so go out and soak up some rays! I envy you if you are going on vacation. For me it’s the opposite. I’m going back to work.

I would like to wish you all a happy spring and summer. I won’t be creating any new events for a few months. However, stay tuned for a special private garage sale!

I want to stay positive so I won’t go into any details about my life. However these very trying times are teaching me a few simple lessons. Be positive, never give up, stay healthy, enjoy the present and keep your children happy (especially when they’re teenagers!). Sounds like a Cat Stevens song, I know… Also, everything is temporary… 

See you around…XOXO Agnèssun

Thank You Carabistouilles!

Friday March 9 facebook event

Well, you probably all know by now that Guillaume sold Carabistouilles to new owners. It’s going to happen very soon so I thought we could meet for a farewell café with Désir and Guillaume. If you wish to stay for lunch, tell me and let’s make a reservation!

I hope you can join us on the morning of Friday March 9 at 10:15.  It’s the only date I could fit in before they definitely leave…

See you soon!


Bonne Rentrée 2017!


Hello friends!

So this is our 6th « rentrée scolaire » here west of Paris!  I can’t believe it. My kids are entering 6th and 7th grade and they’re in the same « college » which is such a relief. But the cherry on top is that they’ll be taking the bus.  I hate morning drop-offs! Now I can have my mornings and my hot cup of coffee. Lire la suite

Back to School! C’est la Rentrée!

So tomorrow is finally THE day!

Happy back to school day everybody! 

Family Café Project is also doing their « rentrée ». Come join us Saturday at the Forum des Associations to find out what we’re doing. Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM, Orgeval.

Bonne rentrée demain!

à samedi pour notre rentrée aussi, au Forum des Associations à Orgeval avec pleins de nouveaux projets!


Grand Opening of the Family Café

funnymugsDear friends,

I am pleased to announce the opening of the Family Café, here in Orgeval!*

Imagine, you will be able to have a coffee with your baby and toddler with other moms, in a beautiful space! Mommy and baby workshops will be offered such as yoga for moms, baby massage, Sophrology!

And, you will be able to organize your child’s birthday party with us! We will have different themes to choose from!

When the Café is closed, the rooms will be available to rent for your events. Entrepreneurs, parent workshops, and more!

Also, an eco-friendly boutique with toys and clothes for young children, and a library with a choose of books in different languages!

All this in a beautiful space with garden. Parking out in front and safe games for the children outside, as well as inside.

All this for you!! In Orgeval!


  • Ofcourse, this is not true…Poisson d’Avril!!! but it’s not impossible…


Femmepreneurs Biz Buzz,Tuesday 02/16

The Femmepreneurs Biz Buzz on Tuesday February 16 will take place in a private room on the second floor of the restaurant Carabistouilles in Orgeval. Exceptionally, this event is open to non-members and members. You don’t need to have a business to join us. A presentation about the association will begin about 1pm, however, you are welcome to arrive before to network, have a bite to eat, drink and relax. Afterwards, we can start the real Biz Buzz! The whole event begins at 11:30 and ends around 2:30 pm.

It’s a relaxed and fun networking event!

Tuesday, February 16, 11:30 – 2:30

The 20€ includes lunch, drinks, wine and coffee (paid to the restaurant directly).

Please rsvp before Monday February 15.
See you soon!


The new Bureau elected on January 20th 2016, photo taken by Femmepreneurs member Hildur Heimis