Café de la rentrée à Orgeval

Le « Family Café Project » vous invite le Vendredi 28 septembre à Carabistouilles*! Venez nous retrouver pour un café décontracté à Orgeval. Souhaitons la bienvenue aux nouvelles mamans d’Orgeval!

Please join us Friday September 28 at Carabistouilles* for a casual get-together in Orgeval. Let’s meet and greet new moms.

*5€ : café/thé et viennoiseries à payer à Carabistouilles directement.


Bonne Rentrée 2017!


Hello friends!

So this is our 6th « rentrée scolaire » here west of Paris!  I can’t believe it. My kids are entering 6th and 7th grade and they’re in the same « college » which is such a relief. But the cherry on top is that they’ll be taking the bus.  I hate morning drop-offs! Now I can have my mornings and my hot cup of coffee. Lire la suite

Back to School! C’est la Rentrée!

So tomorrow is finally THE day!

Happy back to school day everybody! 

Family Café Project is also doing their « rentrée ». Come join us Saturday at the Forum des Associations to find out what we’re doing. Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM, Orgeval.

Bonne rentrée demain!

à samedi pour notre rentrée aussi, au Forum des Associations à Orgeval avec pleins de nouveaux projets!


FCP Café de la rentrée, date changed to Thursday October 1st

mothersdaycoffeenatePlease note a change of date.  Tomorrow is cancelled. (Le café de demain est annulé. Nous le ferons le jeudi 1er octobre)

Let’s start off the Maman’s rentrée on the first day of October! Come relax and chat with us! 

We’ll meet at Carabistouilles
Thursday October 1st

Bring a friend! or two, or three!!!

Café de la Rentrée des Mamans, Tuesday September 22nd, 9:30-11:30

Hello! Welcome back!

I hope you are all healthy, relaxed, full of sunshine, happy, and ready for a new school year? Good for you. Me too except for a back problem but I’m full of new energy.

I always feel like this is the beginning of the new year, Lire la suite

FCP Rentrée: News and More, by Helen Mitchell


Family Café Project (FCP) made a lively « rentrée » on Friday, 2 October at Carabistouilles. Around 17 members (new ones!) came and shared a diverse and exciting range of personal projects and businesses that are up and running, in the pipeline or about to launch. With such a talented pool of resources on offer, Lire la suite

Good morning Boulanger! I’m back!

Hello everybody!

You’re probably wondering why « good morning Boulanger »? Weird, I know, but I’m so happy that they came this morning at 7:30 to change my oven! It broke down 2 weeks ago and I’m a little fed up with barbecuing every evening. Although the weather has been lovely but that won’t last (being realistic here)! Yes, there are good services in France! I’m also looking forward to Lire la suite