Happy Rentrée 2019! Welcome to Orgeval!

Hello! Bonjour!

Well, it’s 19/09/19 today and I’m already totally exhausted! What a rentrée! The summer vacation seems far away already and I’m wearing a sweater. I’m already feeling the stress on my body and went to see the doctor. This happens every year. Is it inevitable? Lire la suite

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day to all moms!

Did you know it’s mother’s day in 27 countries? So many moms are getting spoiled today! Lire la suite

Gratitude pour l’Essentiel


Jardin du peintre Van Beek.

Je souhaite à toutes et à tous une journée exceptionnelle pleine de gratitude et de joie. En effet, c’est Thanksgiving aux USA et la partie américaine de moi a envie de fêter ça avec vous!

Je disais à mes enfants ce matin, « vous ne devinerez jamais pour quoi j’ai de la gratitude aujourd’hui! ».  Ils répondent: Pour la maison? non. Pour Papa? non. Pour le bon repas? non, non, non… En effet ils n’ont pas deviné. Alors j’ai dit, Lire la suite

Happy Summer!

Dear friends and new members!

It’s vacation time! If you’re going away, have a fun and safe trip. Relaaaaax! If you’re not going away, enjoy the summer evenings and quiet. David and I aren’t going away very far but it will be a relaxing summer anyway. The kids are going on fun summer camps and for a couple of weeks we’ll be together down south at our house in the Ardèche. They will enjoy the pool and the trampoline!lavande

Well, as for me, it’s finally time to say I completed my job Lire la suite

Café de la Rentrée des Mamans, Tuesday September 22nd, 9:30-11:30

Hello! Welcome back!

I hope you are all healthy, relaxed, full of sunshine, happy, and ready for a new school year? Good for you. Me too except for a back problem but I’m full of new energy.

I always feel like this is the beginning of the new year, Lire la suite

Noël pour Tous : Charity Fair, ce vendredi 5 décembre 2014

fcpcharityfair Notre marché de Noël caritatif, « Noël pour Tous », se tiendra ce vendredi 5 décembre à Orgeval.  Vous remarquerez en regardant l’affiche ci-dessus que 10% des profits iront à quelques associations caritatives.  Elles ont toutes des points en commun: aider des enfants Lire la suite

Thanksgiving and keeping family memories alive

My uncle Louis passed away Monday night and I’m going to his funeral today. He was 93, a year younger than my father. So now there are 2 brothers left out of a family of 9 siblings (first child was Madeleine, a second mother to her bothers). My uncle Georges just celebrated his 100th and my uncle Jacques is 86. As I get older, so does my family, and this is the way it is. Time to leave this world for some and time for those who are staying to move on.

I feel a need to share my thoughts this morning Lire la suite