Hello world,

It’s the last day of September. Tomorrow is a new month, a new day…  I’m closing the « rentrée » chapter today.  Tomorrow is a new beginning.  Yesterday at 10 am I was alone drinking my tea on the sunny terrace of Carabistouilles.  It was fine. I didn’t expect many people to show up anyway.  So I decided then and there to close another chapter in my life.  Maybe it’s a temporary closure, who knows.  I’m not going to organize any new FCP (Family Cafe Project) events for a few months, maybe forever.  I have new plans for tomorrow…and I’m letting the signs guide me.

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New Blog Coming Soon! really…

Dear all,

Maybe it’s a « mid life » crisis? after all my « mid life » birthday is coming up soon… Maybe it’s because I need to make sure the new helper I found to care for my mother-in-law is a good one? Maybe, maybe, maybe…anyway, whatever the reason…I really do want to write, re-think my project and organise more cafés in Orgeval. How do I know I want to do this? That is a secret for now but I will tell you in one of my next cafés!

Don’t forget to check the femmepreneurs site for our next Business Luncheon May 17 in Orgeval. You must book and pay for the event before May 13! This time, viva Italia!

By the way…



Please contact me if you’re interested. Thank you!

In the meantime, here is good advice I found that I want to share with you…2015-07-17-1437158936-6797905-MidlifeCrisis

JUNE! A Special Writer’s Workshop Friday June 20 and more…

Finally. June! Maybe some more sunshine? Twenty one days until it’s officially summer.  Don’t despair. Pretty soon we will be able to put on our summer dresses!  June is also a count-down month to the long summer vacation for our children, which is sometimes not a vacation for the parents really.  At least I don’t feel it this way. My husband is working and only taking 2 weeks off, and I’m heading down south with the kids to our house in the Ardèche. They will be kept busy at Lire la suite

Bonne Fête de la Victoire! (et changement de date pour le prochain café CNV)


Quelle journée, quelle semaine, quel temps!  J’ai pleins de choses à vous raconter.

La journée d’abord.  Mon nouveau rôle en tant que conseillère municipale m’a beaucoup motivé à amener les enfants aux célébrations du 8 mai.  Je pensais que ça allait être difficile de les convaincre mais ils étaient heureux d’y être.  La fanfare, les militaires, les drapeaux, les chants, le discours d’Eisenhower, Lire la suite

DATES des prochains « cafés » / for upcoming « cafés »

I hope you had a pleasant Easter week-end! The children and I are still at my mother’s house in the south west of France. It used to be my grandmother’s house, my great grandfather’s before that, and so on… On my mother’s side, we are pure blood from Gascony. Vive les Mousquetaires! So many stories in and around these walls. Some sad and some happy. But what always comes back every year are the same flowers and trees. The garden around the house hasn’t changed in over a hundred years!

My mother makes the most beautiful bouquets with flowers from her garden. Here is one for you.

photo-1By the way, if you’re interested in coming to the south west of France, Agen region, my mother manages a « clé vacances ». Check out her site! Clé Vacances – Colayrac St. Cirq

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Cafés du mois de Mars et Joyeux St. Valentin!

Saint Valentin 2014

Bonjour! Hello!

Demain c’est la Saint Valentin. Quelle jolie fête. On pense à l’amour et aux autres. Hier nous avons fait un atelier relaxation avec les enfants. Merci Séverine Dauguet. Les enfants ont été, à ma grande surprise, très calmes et coopératifs. On a beaucoup aimé les images que Séverine nous a proposés pour relaxer nos corps. Après on a décoré des cupcakes et des cartes à offrir pour la Saint Valentin. Merci à Deirdre Lowe qui nous a vendue les belles cartes Phoenix. L’argent va à une association pour aider les enfants autistes. Nous avons aussi bien rempli notre boite pièces jaunes et nous l’apportons à la poste aujourd’hui. Merci aux mamans qui ont déposé leurs pièces à la demande de Diane, ma fille. Attention, dernier délai, le 15 février si vous aussi avez une boite à donner. C’est pour aider la condition des enfants à l’hôpital. Que d’amour! ça me fait chaud au coeur. Parfait pour la Saint Valentin.

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New Year Resolution for you! (and next café, Tuesday January 14)


I’m so excited! Thanks to Facebook, and a very smart friend on Facebook, I found the perfect article that basically says what I wanted to write about. And since it’s a little painful still for me to write, it’s so convenient. I would like to share Lire la suite