Time To Detoxify

Hello friends,

I’m happy to announce a new event happening on two different dates. I hope you can come to one of them! It’s about detoxifying your body. It’s good timing isn’t it? after all of the festivities…champagne, wine, chocolates, etc… I know I badly need it! How about you? Lire la suite

Time for a Spring Break!

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine today.  There won’t be a coffee time tomorrow morning but if you’re like me, you’re maybe getting ready for the kids Spring Break!

I’ll try to make the best of it too…I hope you do as well.

Time to clean out my house, go on a cleansing diet, plant my herb garden, put my life in order, and meditate! Ok, maybe I’ll do 2 of those things…

I’ll write again in May!  Hope to see you at our next Business Buzz with Femmepreneurs at Carabistouilles, Friday May 5th, 10 am.

In the meantime….



Detox café, Thursday 01/21/16

So we’re already 13 days into the New Year and I haven’t really come up with any new resolutions. They’re the same as last year. I want to lose 20 kilos (well, 4 will be ok too) and go back to work (part time) and improve my marriage and relationship with my kids…and I want to walk my dog more! What I seriously want to do is make time to Lire la suite