Hello world,

It’s the last day of September. Tomorrow is a new month, a new day…  I’m closing the « rentrée » chapter today.  Tomorrow is a new beginning.  Yesterday at 10 am I was alone drinking my tea on the sunny terrace of Carabistouilles.  It was fine. I didn’t expect many people to show up anyway.  So I decided then and there to close another chapter in my life.  Maybe it’s a temporary closure, who knows.  I’m not going to organize any new FCP (Family Cafe Project) events for a few months, maybe forever.  I have new plans for tomorrow…and I’m letting the signs guide me.

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Time To Be Me…


Hi there!

In a few days, my life will drastically change from being a stay-at-home-taxi-mom to two wild teenagers, a caretaker to a senile and absent minded 90 year old mother-in-law, a confused « conseillère municipale » to a baffled Town Hall (although I am head over heals with our new President Emmanuel Macron), and Lire la suite

June Events Update


Thursday June 9th, 9:30-11:30 am

Tea Tasting with Guillaume at Carabistouilles

Did you know that before opening Carabistouilles Guillaume worked with Hermes in Paris and is specialized in Palais Des Thés? Join us Thursday June 2nd for a Tea Tasting with Guillaume. He will introduce us to 15 different teas! Not only we will taste them, but he will tell us their secrets. 5€ per person.tea

Also, if you’re interested in becoming a more active member, even being part of the Association board, please come and let’s talk about it!

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New Blog Coming Soon! really…

Dear all,

Maybe it’s a « mid life » crisis? after all my « mid life » birthday is coming up soon… Maybe it’s because I need to make sure the new helper I found to care for my mother-in-law is a good one? Maybe, maybe, maybe…anyway, whatever the reason…I really do want to write, re-think my project and organise more cafés in Orgeval. How do I know I want to do this? That is a secret for now but I will tell you in one of my next cafés!

Don’t forget to check the femmepreneurs site for our next Business Luncheon May 17 in Orgeval. You must book and pay for the event before May 13! This time, viva Italia!

By the way…



Please contact me if you’re interested. Thank you!

In the meantime, here is good advice I found that I want to share with you…2015-07-17-1437158936-6797905-MidlifeCrisis

Café de la Rentrée des Mamans, Tuesday September 22nd, 9:30-11:30

Hello! Welcome back!

I hope you are all healthy, relaxed, full of sunshine, happy, and ready for a new school year? Good for you. Me too except for a back problem but I’m full of new energy.

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Fitness with Select Training mardi 14 avril à St. Germain-en-Laye


Mettez vos baskets, apportez une bouteille d’eau, laissez vos soucis et votre portable à la maison et faites le plein en énergie positive! Retrouvez nous à Saint Germain en Laye derrière la piscine à 9h30 le mardi 14 avril.

La piscine est située à l’adresse :
Avenue des Loges

Deux parkings aux abords vous permettent une accessibilité quasi permanente. A noter que la moitié des places disponibles est située en zone verte (limité à 4H00 soit demi-journée).

Pour plus d’informations, appelez Agnès 06 79 17 57 60 ou Catherine 06 07 90 32 01

Springing, Learning, and Growing

Hello! Funny title, right? Isn’t it interesting that the word « spring » has many definitions? I won’t go into all of them but it’s a peculiar word because it involves a lot of energy to be able to emerge (yes like the plants and trees at the moment), and it can also be harmful as in the nautical term of a boat springing, causing a crack. Well, that’s how I feel at the moment. Too much is going on and it’s springing my boat, causing a very painful back pain. This kind of pain is telling me something. Time to learn and start over! Lire la suite