To Kick Off 2018, a Minceur Café!

Hi there! So….here’s the scoop… I’m not closing down my blog nor stopping FCP events.   I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much as I would have liked to these past months (past year?) but I had other priorities to attend to and. It was hard and I was going through a crisis. Well, ILire la suite « To Kick Off 2018, a Minceur Café! »

Friday November 8, next « café à thème » about nutrition at Carabistouilles

Hello blog, hello readers! It feels like I’ve been away for a long time. It was a busy « Toussaint » vacation, and not so restful unfortunately. I’m still feeling sluggish and just want to go to sleep. The weather isn’t making it any easier either. I did get to escape,

First café meeting, thank you for coming! Merci!

Dear all, Danielle and I were very pleased with the number of people who came on Thursday. It was a great success to celebrate the inauguration of our association. I personally found the reunion to be very exciting because it was fun to meet new people and to be together. It was welcoming and warmLire la suite « First café meeting, thank you for coming! Merci! »

Annonce de la naissance du Family Café Project

Bonjour! Je suis pleine d’émotions aujourd’hui. Des négatives mais surtout des positives…mais rassurez-vous,  je vais me concentrer uniquement sur le positif. Pourquoi me rendre malade avec le négatif?! ça ne sert à rien.  Et puis je n’ai plus le droit de râler (n’est-ce pas Christine?). Positivons!!! Alors,

Chicken Bricks and health

My dear husband last night loved the dinner I prepared! He really raved about it and said I should write about the chicken brick. I used it to roast pork last night for the first time and the meat was tender and moist. Everyone should have a chicken brick! Not only the result is delicious,Lire la suite « Chicken Bricks and health »