Covid-19 crisis reflections and birth of a new blog, liens naturels

“So We”*

It all makes more sense to me.  The Covid19 crisis and confinement made us all think hard and long about what we truly wish for.  I for one learned many things during the ups and downs of the past two months of confinement.  I would like to share with you my list of the ups, the positive lessons.

First, I met many fantastic people and made new friends within the small circle of my small town as well as within a huge global circle of different social media networks.  Sense of community actually strengthened around the world because, in part, of the crisis.  I developed a much clearer vision of what I want for the future of our planet and our children.  I feel like I have a mission (which was there all along but now it is much stronger and more understandable).  The mission is about connecting people for a better world.


Coincidentally,  I was overjoyed when my picture was finally posted on “View from my Window, » the wonderful project Barbara Duriau created on Facebook.  She was able to connect millions of people around the world by simply asking them to post a picture of a view from their window.  The response she got was amazing!  I love looking at all of those pictures and imagining what it must be like to live in all of those homes.  It is a new virtual way to travel around the world!

I understood then and there how much we need each other.  We cannot just live in our little bubble and ignore the rest of the world.

We need to connect and move forward together.

Why?  To give future generations a chance to enjoy our planet just as we do.

Mother Earth will survive without us, but we will not without her.

The confinement confirmed my wish to meet more like-minded people and if they wish I can help them find their mission too.  My activity with Ringana has taught me to connect, collaborate, share and even celebrate with different people.  The crisis confirmed for me that the world needs a change and people are looking for solutions now.


* I wish to thank an amazing team led by my mentor Christiane, the France Ringana team and Ringana.  I have learned how to use new technology and have been able to work online thanks to the support this company gave its people.  And I will forever be grateful for the hand-sanitizing lotion (SoWe) we received with every order (over 70€).

So We.  It sums up what matters most to me: us, you, me, SO WE. 


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