No To Winter Blues

Hello everybody,

How are you? I find that I’m very stressed at the moment and I’m not sleeping well. Too many things to worry about. I’m tired and a little down. But I’m not going to let the winter blues get to me. I’m full of resources and I just need to apply them. I’m no specialist nor doctor but these 5 things really work for me.

1. Walks in the forest every day rain or shine and with good company! I like to walk and talk and I’m so happy to have found friends to do it with.

2. Yoga. Meditation. Music.

3. Getting important things done first thing in the morning.

4. Healthy food made at home. Unfortunately I don’t trust eating in restaurants this time of the year. Too many stomach flus around.

5. Finally the most important thing : LAUGHING! Go to a comedy show, listen to the radio, watch a funny series! My kids watch funny series all the time. So I sit and watch with them and they want me to leave because I laugh too loudly…sorry kids. I really need it!

How are you coping right now? With Christmas coming up and strikes and all… It’s crazy isn’t it?!

Ok, one last thing that makes the blues go away. Talking about Ringana! So please come to one of my events in Orgeval this coming up week.

Wednesday December 4 at GIMmini from 9:30 am.freshxmasgimminiand Thursday December 5 in Orgeval from 10 am to 6 pm.*


*I will give 20% of the total sales to the Association Stop Plastique

And be sure to look on my Ringana site for the Advent specials! I can help you if you like. 20% off a different product every day. Tell me what you would like and I’ll order it for you on that day. You won’t have to worry about it!

Enjoy December and don’t stress too much!


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