Happy Rentrée 2019! Welcome to Orgeval!

Hello! Bonjour!

Well, it’s 19/09/19 today and I’m already totally exhausted! What a rentrée! The summer vacation seems far away already and I’m wearing a sweater. I’m already feeling the stress on my body and went to see the doctor. This happens every year. Is it inevitable? Well, just taking the time to make those appointments after seeing the doctor (albeit a 3 hour wait) made me feel better. I just need to take care of ME now!

So, the kids are now teenagers and need me less and I should have more time for me, right? It’s a nice thought but it’s not reality. I think our children need us forever! So it’s important for us moms to be organized!

My rentrée resolutions? Well, besides taking care of my health, my work with Ringana is also a priority. The money I will make will help pay for our expenses (my mother-in-law’s medicalized retirement home for example…). I need to find time for this activity but I’m so happy that I can be my own boss and choose when, where, and how much I can work. Check out my online boutique here if you don’t know Ringana!

My other resolutions are to find time to do volunteer work. I’m going to be more involved in my town community and focus on environmental issues. I will also volunteer for my children’s school again.

Besides all this I manage two rentals, one in the South-West of France, called Lou Fangot (check it out here), and one in Orgeval which is a long term rental now. We also have a country home in the Ardèche that we share with renters and of course I need to care for my own home in Orgeval. A lot on my plate, right?!!

So, when will I find time to take care of myself?

I hope you can take some time to take of yourself! I’d love to see you at our « café de la rentrée » which is actually a lunch on October 11 in Orgeval. I was thinking of trying the new restaurant that replaced Carabistouilles. It’s called Fantaisy Bistrot now and is managed by the Virmoux family. Chantal, Christophe and their lovely daughter. We tried it and enjoyed very much the traditional French cuisine and friendly service. If you think you can join us, tell us on the Facebook page. And share the invitation to new people in Orgeval! It’ll be a great time to welcome new families!

Have a great weekend! Agnès

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