Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day to all moms!

Did you know it’s mother’s day in 27 countries? So many moms are getting spoiled today!


I’ve been very busy caring for my mom in April, basically trying to keep her safe and healthy.  She’s been falling a lot lately and it’s frightening. She’s 85. Have you ever tried to pick up an adult up off the floor, alone? It’s extremely difficult. We had organized a lot of care at home but it isn’t sufficient. She spent two nights on the floor because she couldn’t reach the phone nor her security bracelet. Even when you try to think of everything, accidents can happen! She realizes this so she decided to go into a home where she’ll get 24h assistance. It’s her choice. She still has a good head on her shoulders. Unfortunately her body is not as strong.

I know a lot of people who are going through this stage in their lives. If you’re over 50 too, like me, you may be dealing with this situation too. Taking care of our parents and at the same time trying to make ourselves and our family happy and fulfilled. It isn’t simple! If you want to talk about this subject, I’m always happy to chat and I can even give you some advice about what to do in France. I have lots of experience.

I’d like to give you an update on a wonderful Ringana special for mother’s day! First, if you don’t know what to give her, how about giving her a voucher?! And the good news is that you get 10% of the value of the voucher! Here’s an article on how to do this. For example, if you buy a 100€ voucher, you get 10€ for you!

Now here’s a real treat! The pink lip balm is back! Buy it here! It’s a limited stock so don’t miss out. It’s so good for your lips, you will love it!

Ofcourse there are promotions every day at Ringana! Do you know why? It’s simple. Ringana is not interested in making more products, they’re concerned with quality. You get the freshest, purest, and healthiest active ingredients with Ringana. The scientists are always innovating, improving and testing existing and new ingredients in the products. To ensure freshness, they need to guarantee you will get the best quality from the time you receive your product to the end of the expiration date. Once the raw materials arrive in Hartberg, Austria, always carefully chosen to be organic, ripe and at its highest potential, they immediately condition it and put it out for us. So these sales ensure you the most effective quality. You only get the best of the active ingredients. No mineral oils, no artificial perfumes nor preservatives, and never tested on animals.

Ringana in France has been extremely successful this year so far. In April sales in France went up 100% since the beginning of the year!  So proud to be an entrepreneur with such an amazing company whose philosophy is simply to improve people’s lives and to protect the environment. To make the world a better place for our children. Ringana has over 20 years experience with creating these unique products. Interested in knowing more? Call me anytime: 06 79 17 57 60

You haven’t tried Ringana yet? Let’s have a get together in your home! Invite me to your home and invite your friends (at least 5) to discover Ringana and I will give you a voucher worth 10% of the sales and a lip balm! It’s my gift to you. We can make it an evening event or a morning event. I’ll bring the drinks. 😉

Have a wonderful Mother’s day everybody!

French moms will wait two more weeks.

I’m lucky I get spoiled twice. 🙂

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