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I feel like telling you a bit more about myself and why I switched from teaching to becoming an entrepreneur. I stopped working 14 years ago to take care of my children and I’m currently a very busy mom at home. So what happened? Why have I chosen to start my own company with Ringana? Simply thanks to life’s lessons.

I’ll quickly tell you why. Three main reasons. :

  1. A complicated family crisis led me to discover a different way of working.
  2. Health issues and how I want to share wellness with others.
  3. Environmental mindfulness is a way of life and a good model for my family.

Family crisis : In 2015, just before turning 50, I didn’t expect to have to take care of a dependent person for over 2 years but « c’est la vie »! Especially when you get older, your parents need you more. So my life changed dramatically. I lost my freedom, some friends, time for myself and became a little depressed among other things. It was difficult and solutions had to be found. One year ago, we couldn’t care for our mom anymore so we placed her in a specialized residence. We also had to budget our money because placing her in a home is very expensive. However I was at a loss with what to do because I wanted to go back to work buy I still had to be available for my family. So I searched and searched. What do I want to do?  I knew I had to work and contribute to the family budget, but at the same time I had to care for our home and children, (and myself a little!). How can you work from home, help people, and make a living? I didn’t think it was possible until I discovered Ringana. And now I hope to help other women like me find financial independence thanks to Ringana!

Health problem : I suffered endometriosis for almost 40 years. I endured pain and discomfort for two weeks almost every month. Well, thanks to this illness, I studied nutrition, alternative remedies, naturopathic medicine, yoga, etcetera. Which led me to turn to natural remedies very early on. I always felt better when I was surrounded by mother nature and used her gifts. A healthy lifestyle, organic food, fresh air, essential oils, and meditative walks in the forest. I knew one day that I would do something in wellness. Ringana gives me this opportunity as well as providing me with the best skin care, nutritional compliments and energy drinks. It’s a holistic way of life. I’ve been doing more exercise, eating better, and feeling better about myself since I started working with Ringana.

Environmental Mindfulness : If our planet isn’t doing well, it’s bad news for the animals and humans. My family and I want to help the planet regenerate. We aim to have a plastic and chemical free home, we try to eat local and organic products, and we try to save energy…. These new habits seem futile but imagine if everybody does this!  I strongly believe that if everybody does a little in their home, it raises mindfulness about the environment and it will change the course of sustainability. Ringana has the same vision.

To summarize the above, I have found in Ringana a company that corresponds to what I aspire! And guess what? a new career after age 50 is possible! Ringana is ageless. Everybody can be a Ringana partner. Also, I discovered a new country and culture, Austria! I’m slowly learning German and loving the people that I meet at Ringana conventions and Kick-Offs (and soon an incentive trip to Vienna!).

If you would like to know more Ringana, call me! If you’re very motivated and ready to start, come meet the Paris team on April 1st at our FRESH UP event! It’s at the trendy Novotel des Halles from 8:30 PM to 10:30. We work as a team and do presentations together. You can ask all of the questions you want to Ringana partners joining us from Austria! Click here for more information:

You can be the boss of your life. You have the freedom to choose your life! I wish you the best in everything you choose to do!


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