Hello! Bonjour!

What is this Ringana thing? What is Agnès into now? Skin care, supplements, energy drinks?! Elle est folle! Well…I’m not crazy, I’m serious. YES it’s a brand new professional activity, and NO, it’s not that surprising to those who know my background.

Not only have I always loved and used aromatherapy and herbal products, and experimented new ways to live a healthy life, but my mother owned a beauty salon in Larchmont New York and I spent a good part of my summers and week-ends working in it. I also have a diploma from « l’Ecole Internationale d’Esthétique rue Marboeuf »! But after a year of working in Paris I went back to New York and did 5 years University. Anyway, that’s another story…

I was naturally inclined to try Ringana when Christiane contacted me. Yes! I will try these products because they’re 100% fresh, organic, vegan and not tested on animals and so much about this company is interesting. The products are Fresh, meaning they’re conditioned in Hartberg, Austria, and sent to your house right after your order. Then you need to respect the expiration date (around 5-8 months). Fresh meaning more space for just the right active ingredients. We share the same ethical and ecological values and aim to leave a very small carbon footprint. I can tell you a lot more. I really want to share these products with you. Check out my page! www.ringana.com/1782566

Carole has also convinced me to use the Vapodil machine to clean my home. You won’t find many chemicals under my sink (nor skin, lol) because I don’t need them! Once you learn the right techniques, you will find Vapodil to be the best way to clean. It simply uses very hot dry steam that kills germs, bugs, gets rid of grease, and much more…

On Tuesday October 9th, we’re giving you a chance to discover and try Ringana skin care and supplements and Vapodil. In addition, we’re serving a vegan buffet lunch (please reserve your spot! a contribution to the lunch will be asked). This event is called CentPourSans. Our goal is to create an environment 100% chemical free, plastic free, pollution free…etcetera. This is the first of many events! I will also start a Facebook page « CentPourSans » where we can find any event that has the same kind of ecological philosophy. You can also share your tips and questions about how to be 100% chemical, plastic, and pollution free.

I hope to see you soon! Please reserve your lunch before Sunday! Send me an email agnescatton@yahoo.com, or call me: 06 79 17 57 60, and I’ll give you the address. The event is free otherwise. See you soon!


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