Hello world,

It’s the last day of September. Tomorrow is a new month, a new day…  I’m closing the « rentrée » chapter today.  Tomorrow is a new beginning.  Yesterday at 10 am I was alone drinking my tea on the sunny terrace of Carabistouilles.  It was fine. I didn’t expect many people to show up anyway.  So I decided then and there to close another chapter in my life.  Maybe it’s a temporary closure, who knows.  I’m not going to organize any new FCP (Family Cafe Project) events for a few months, maybe forever.  I have new plans for tomorrow…and I’m letting the signs guide me.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?  that you learn from every crisis? that your body is talking to you in some way? that your dreams are actually signs?  I do.  However I don’t always listen to them and it’s costing me my health, happiness and relationships.  It’s amazing when I do listen though.  To make a long story short,  I received a message the other day while meditating in a group exercise.*  I saw my late father hand me a little golden heavy metal box.  I opened the box and suddenly a beautiful tree appeared, then a landscape, then flowers, then the tree again. It was so clear and beautiful.  I thought this was a very important sign.


New doors are opening for me. I need to let go of old dreams and projects in order to unlock these doors.  I’m so grateful in a way for these difficult times because it’s forcing me to meditate on my life.  Where do I find the joy?  What is really important for me?  What do I want to teach my children?  How can I contribute to make this world a better place?  So many questions…and I think I know where the answers lie.  In the signs.  We must read the signs.  I’m not part of any religious group but I do believe in a universal consciousness and it’s all around us.  For me it’s mother nature. She’s always talking to us.  Our bodies and minds are giving us signs.  They’re universal signs. We are part of something bigger and greater.

I will continue to write in my blog.  I’m also helping to organize the Femmepreneurs lunch on October 10. Click here to buy your ticket (deadline October 6, 10 PM) and check out all of the other wonderful events.

I’ll be attending other amazing events too like Kay Bourgine’s Circle Songs and Charlotte Debeugny’s workshops.**  Check out my Facebook page for all of these wonderful events.

I hope to see you around.

Lots of love,




*  I’m doing an amazing self-discovery course with a group called Bouillon d’Etoiles.  If you’re interested in knowing more, click here:

** Kay Bourgine is having a Circle Song soon in Villennes sur Seine. Check out her Facebook page. Kay Bourgine Band.  Charlotte is an amazing nutritionist and writer: and also Nutrition in Paris

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