Bonne Rentrée 2017!


Hello friends!

So this is our 6th « rentrée scolaire » here west of Paris!  I can’t believe it. My kids are entering 6th and 7th grade and they’re in the same « college » which is such a relief. But the cherry on top is that they’ll be taking the bus.  I hate morning drop-offs! Now I can have my mornings and my hot cup of coffee.

What about the Family Café Project?  Good question. I have already so much on my list.

  1. Still renovating a new house for my mother in law who is turning 91 tomorrow!
  2. Still a « conseillère municipale » here in Orgeval (one year to go I think? and that’s it…) and I’m part of a fantastic team that will put together a film honoring the family that lived in the beautiful house in the Bruneterie Park.  Those of you who live in Orgeval know by now that the mansion in the park has been taken down. It’s sad but let’s move on and think positively.  Something new and great will replace it one day.
  3. I’m an active member of another association in Orgeval called Arts et Loisirs.  You’ll find us at the Forum des Associations this Saturday. We offer many activities for children and adults. We have a Facebook page too which I’m managing.  I think it’s important to support this association. It brings joy to hundreds of people here in Orgeval.
  4. Still a « Lycée » mom, volunteer Homeroom parent, substitute teacher…

But more importantly, this year I’m going to really take the time to strengthen my body and care for my back.  I hurt it during the summer and suffered for most of August. No more suffering! It’s making me very tired and cranky. If I have a burnout, many people around me will be affected so I need to care for myself more than ever.

And finally, I’m also going to actively start job searching!  So happy to be signed up with a group called « Bouillon d’étoiles »! With these very talented and motivated ladies, I will seriously work on a new personal and professional project.  Very exciting!!

How about you? Want to get together for a coffee morning at Carabistouilles? How about Friday September 22nd?


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