Time To Be Me…


Hi there!

In a few days, my life will drastically change from being a stay-at-home-taxi-mom to two wild teenagers, a caretaker to a senile and absent minded 90 year old mother-in-law, a confused « conseillère municipale » to a baffled Town Hall (although I am head over heals with our new President Emmanuel Macron), and a volunteer for other people’s projects and a wannabe entrepreneur who keeps complaining she’s not doing HER project…to just ME! The real ME is a person who loves traveling, swimming, reading, visiting new places and new people, learning about real life issues and really relaxing (forgot how to do that…).  And I will do this for about 2 months as much as I can!

Okay, I will still be a chauffeur to my two crazy teens and their grandmère because I’m driving us around Spain and Portugal on a fantastic trip I’ve organized for us (yes, I was a tour guide, event planner as well as English teacher in other chapters of my life!).  But I will still be able to do relax and disconnect from routine.

But what happens during the summer when I disconnect? A lot. Basically the summer is a prelude to a new year. My new year is not January first, it’s September first. Because by doing nothing (or almost nothing) and doing what I enjoy most, I shed the old skin, like a snake…and the new me is all ready to create projects, re-organize my house, etc…  Isn’t that interesting?

Why can’t this happen everyday and why do I wait for the summer to come alive? It could happen throughout the year too. I know. I know….and my body knows and it’s giving me signals…so instead of starting a healthy routine of meditation and yoga, I go see the doctor. And I have exams done. In the end I’m fine. My body is fine. My mind is not.  It’s too busy with unnecessary stuff.  I need to listen to the signals. Anyway…

To end this school « year », I’m going to an interesting meeting this Thursday organized by Stella, Sophie and Virginie. I won’t tell you anymore. Why don’t you look at their website , www.bouillondetoiles.com and do their quiz? Then come meet them this Thursday morning from 10 am at Carabistouilles in Orgeval. You can sign up on their site or just show up. It’ll be fun and relaxed!

And if I don’t see you there, I want to wish you a very happy summer and I hope you will be able to peel off some stress and old skin and come back brand new!!

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