Spring is in the Air!


I’m so happy spring is near. You can feel it in the garden, on people’s faces, and cats and dogs are going crazy…. With Spring comes sunshine and warmer temperatures, but also optimism. It’s a time of growth and new beginnings. So let’s celebrate!  For the month of March, see below two uplifting events here in Orgeval!

First with a fun Saint Patrick’s coffee morning on Friday the 17th. No drinking booze in the morning, just good laughs and why not wear something green… please click here to rsvp. We need to know how many Irish cakes we should make!

Let’s Chinwag

When I was going to school in the US, we all wore green, irish or not. I only learned much later what it meant. It turns out it’s my favorite color as well as my birthstone color, the emerald.





Need some feminine support and new ideas for your projects?  Come to our Business Luncheon with Femmepreneurs Tuesday March 21st in Orgeval at the Orangerie. Hélène Ozeki from l’Assiette au Quatre Vents will serve a Japanese Spring menu . Click here for more information.  Be sure to book your lunch before March 18 so that Hélène can plan how many meals to prepare.

That’s all for now ladies!  I’m also very busy with my own projects as some of you know. I’ll see you at Femmepreneurs events or around Orgeval. I will continue to post events in and around Orgeval on my facebook page. If you wish to create an event with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 06 79 17 57 60 XOXO, Agnès

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