Glad to be Back!

moiplageDear all,

Happy to be back in France and to have some time for myself now that the kids have returned to school.  We had an amazing adventure in Madagascar. Our vacation wasn’t a relaxing one. We were actually up around 6:30 every morning along with the locals. The hot sunlight, the children’s songs and cries, and the smells of coal fires burning around us motivated us to discover another day on this island.  Every day we were busy learning, observing, hiking…. and driving a lot too. We were so busy discovering a new dimension of humanity. So in the evening we were in bed by 9:30! Besides sometimes we had no electricity so it was just better to sleep. batouly

It wasn’t relaxing, but I feel relaxed! I think because it was such a cultural shock. I disconnected from the rest of the world and lived the present in total awareness. It was fascinating! I think I prefer this kind of traveling than just sitting on a beach doing nothing! that stresses me out more.  I need to be occupied!

How was your holiday? Did you do anything special? Let’s catch up on Friday during the Chinwag. Same place: Carabistouilles, same time: 10 am. Please tell me if you plan on coming!  Also it isn’t too late to join us Thursday evening for the Intercultural workshop. Only about 2 spaces left! See below for more details.

Other events coming up:

Thursday February 23: Evening Workshop : Developing Authentic Intercultural Relationships at Carabistouilles with Connie Lee-Bennett and Aurélie Kamal. There are a couple of spaces left. Join us! Contact them through Facebook, click here

Friday February 24 : Chinwag, Carabistouilles, 10 am to 11:30

Friday March 3rd : Special Business Buzz Chinwag with Femmepreneurs Association

Tuesday March 21 : Femmepreneurs Business Luncheon at the Orangerie in Orgeval

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