2017 : New Horizons Await Us


Two more days left of the year 2016 and here I am reminiscing. What a disappointing year 2016 was…but why think about all that now?  We need to be positive.  My brain is in a fog just like the one outside.  So I’m going to let my heart guide me.  It’s telling me to be patient, tolerant, and hopeful but also to get out there and seek new horizons.

I learned many lessons this year and made a few resolutions. One of them is: Don’t wait for adventure to come to you.  Go out there and make it happen. So I already put that one into motion. The family is going on a really exciting and epical adventure in February!

Another is to hold on to my « dream job » if it still feels alive in my heart.  That will be another big surprise for 2017. More about that later…

I turned 50 in May. Hard to believe. My body is starting to show signs that it’s absolutely necessary to go on a strict regimen of diet and exercise. Yoga, yoga, yoga…the more, the better. Less sugar, alcohol, gluten and meat. My mind is young thanks to the kids but my heart is stronger than ever. I love life and I plan to live 50 more years! So another resolution is to be a lot more careful and stick to a plan. It’s a tough one!

What are your New Year resolutions? I’m happy to hear about them at our next Chinwag café on Friday the 6th of January. Also coming up January 10th, A Workshop on Developing Authentic Intercultural Relationships (click here to sign up). Both are at Carabistouilles in Orgeval.

In the meantime, we want to wish you all a very adventurous, joyful, healthy 2017 full of hope and tolerance.  May the sun shine for you always! Lots of love from the Family Café Project team.

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