Chinwag & Early Xmas Shopping! Friday November 18th in Orgeval


What a crazy world we live in! First Brexit, now Trump…what next?  What are we supposed to learn from these « coups de théâtre »? Well, I’ve decided I can’t let all of these emotions ruin my mind and health and there’s a limit to what I can do about it anyway. Let’s see what happens in France! Suspense!

Now, on a more cheerful note, how about pampering yourselves and thinking ahead for Christmas! Yes! I’m inviting you to a private sale, a « vente privée », here in Orgeval.  A lovely group of ladies are getting together at Janine Springall’s house in Orgeval from 9:30 am to about 3 pm.  Look at the flyer I’ve attached. So many wonderful ideas for early Christmas shopping.  Spoil yourself too with reflexology and/or a manicure.  Invite your tastebuds to some delicious nibbles!  Get your Christmas cards out early too!

Les françaises sont invitées aussi à pratiquer leur anglais car le Chinwag se fera au même endroit que la vente privée. Aucune obligation d’acheter! Venez partager un café (gratuit) avec nous et pratiquer votre anglais!



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