Breakfast in America!

Dear all,

Wow! What a « rentrée » we had on Saturday at the Forum des Associations!  I want to thank all of you that came by to say hello and who congratulated us on our project.  We have 23 new sign-ups! lots of new families who moved to Orgeval and others who have just heard about us for the first time (we’ve been around for 3 years, how can that be?).

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Did you know that Janine Springall, L’Assiette de Paris, is now living in Orgeval?  Her Fall and Winter Program is out.  So excited!!  Thank you Janine for the wonderful cupcakes on saturday.  Gluten free, and so delicious.  Thank you Guillaume from Carabistouilles for the tea, the map of the world, and for making a lot of events come true!  If you haven’t heard yet, Carabistouilles is having a « Breakfast in America » brunch this Sunday September 11.  A special date for Americans…  Thank you to Cara Nolan and Fiona Mitchell for offering to give English conversation classes (si vous voulez perfectionner votre anglais, contactez Cara Nolan et Fiona Mitchell. Demandez moi leurs contacts). And lastly, a huge special thanks and a warm welcome to our new board member Danielle Hossfeld.  She has been my best support lately to keep working on the Family Cafe Project and she sat with me all day on Saturday.  It would not have been the same without her. We had a lot of fun!

Coming up soon!

Some of you know my health and family issues…anyway, sometimes I just want to give everything up I’m so tired.  But, heads up! I’m coping, staying positive,  and getting a lot of help from friends.  And this project makes me happy because I make other people happy. And it’s the only reason we are doing it!  The FCP lives on and stay tuned for new events, but bear with us…this rentrée is a very busy one for us, and I’m sure for you too!

See you Sunday?

We would love to see you again soon.  We can talk about future projects! Please rsvp to Guillaume directly to book your table : 01 39 75 45 25


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