Jolly June Events

What? June already!! Well, yes, and it will go by very quickly. Before you know it, school will be out and you’ll be on the « autoroute du soleil » on your way to the beach! So I’ve put together a few events and managed to squeeze them into June, just so you can leave on a long break with a good memory of me. And you’ll look forward to September because the show will go on! 😉

First, this little piece of advice, maybe something to ask for on Mother’s Day?… momsleepThis year has not been a good one for the Family Cafe Project and I’m sorry. I wish I could have done more but the month of May was crazy and my body is telling me to stop! Yesterday for example I chose not to take my kids to Roland Garros and sent them there with their friends. I love Roland Garros and feel a little bad I wasn’t there with them. But, I needed this day for myself. Sometimes you get body signals that tell you very clearly that you’re not doing the right thing for yourself. This has been happening to me lately. I’ll spare you the details but I just spent the past two weeks dragging myself to do my everyday chores. I didn’t feel like cooking, shopping, seeing people, walking the dog, etc… I also found myself shouting my children and husband. So this weekend, I’m like a turtle, hiding safely in my shell, relaxing and meditating. I’m lucky it’s a quiet weekend and the full moon is here to give me the energy I need.  Moms, if your body tells you to be a turtle, then do it! Your body is your only teacher. If a mom breaks down, everything and everybody around her breaks down! The mother is the pillar, the foundation, the beating heart of a home. So if you need it, tell your husband and children (and mother in law) to leave you alone for a while because you need to replenish your energy! That’s my two cents for today. Now for the events.


teaThursday June 2nd, 9:30-11:30 am

Tea Tasting with Guillaume at Carabistouilles

Did you know that before opening Carabistouilles Guillaume worked with Hermes in Paris and is specialized in Palais Des Thés? Join us Thursday June 2nd for a Tea Tasting with Guillaume. He will introduce us to 15 different teas! Not only we will taste them, but he will tell us their secrets. 5€ per person.

Tuesday June 14, 11:30 am to 2 pm

Femmepreneurs Biz Buzz in Orgeval

Oh! là, là! Our last Biz Buzz before the summer! These events have been quite popular and improve every time! Et pour les françaises, c’est en plus une occasion pour améliorer et tester votre anglais!IMG_5616

And what a special treat it will be! One of our favorite caterers, Janine Springall will host this one. More details about this event soon. In the meantime, book your ticket! Don’t miss the deadline. You can this here.

NEW! Friday June 17 10:30 am – whenever

Mamas Creativas chez Maureen Watson

Maureen, a well known artist from Costa Rica living in Orgeval, and I have been talking about this idea for a while so here we go! We believe every woman can express her creative talent and Maureen will show you how.  This event will take place in her home, even in her garden if weather permits. maureenAll you need to bring is two tubes acrylic paint of your favorite colors (buy them at Gibert Joseph or Cultura in Orgeval), a smock to protect your clothes, and Maureen will provide the rest! (If you wish, you can contribute to the cost of the materials she will be providing. 5€ is suggested.) This event begins at 10:30 and can go on until late afternoon. Bring a picnic to share if you wish to stay for lunch. The space is limited to 8 people so please rsvp soon!

Voilà for jolly June! Have you ever heard of June Jolly? I was searching for words to go with June and fell upon an article about an amazing nurse called June Jolly. She helped hospitals in England change in order to meet emotional needs of children, especially their need of joy. A sick child in a sad environment may not heal as well as a sick child in a happy environment. Such an interesting find! Thank you June Jolly.


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