Fab Feb Events!

February begins in one week and I’m happy to announce 3 exciting events for this exceptional 29 day month. Actually shortened by 9 days for me because I plan to go away after the last event. Time to go skiing! I miss the awesome majestic Alps covered with pure white snow and breathing in that fresh crisp air! Looking forward to hearing the deep, mysterious silence at the top of the mountains and then skiing downhill tout schuss and flying like a bird….aaaah….I’m a different person.february And of course, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day! A little champagne with some chocolates, flowers given with love (I’m sure David is reading this)…a touch of warmth in the middle of a cold winter is always nice!




« Sans prétention ni mal de tête » Wine Tasting
Thursday February 4 / 19h30 / 35€ per person, Carabistouilles, Orgeval Canceled for tonight and rescheduled to Thursday March 24! Save the Date!


Our first event is a Girls Night Out (GNO) wine tasting created just for us at Carabistouilles.  This will be the first of a series of GNO’s and to begin we will start tasting just the « blancs ». Guillaume will select and present the wines to us, in English if needed, but you’ll leave with a list of French vocabulary (best way to learn French!) and lots of interesting facts about wine. Plus, dinner, carefully chosen to bring out the wines’ characteristics all in our own private room.  The last time I did a wine tasting there, I dreaded the « day-after » headache. I’m very sensitive to alcohol (call me a cheap date!). Well, to my pleasant surprise, there was no pain. I also learned new things and had so much fun guessing where the wines came from. I’m not an expert at all, but I think I can guess one or two out of 10 correctly (and did you know cows can fly? 🙂 …) Anyway, it’s really a fantastic time! Our first Girls Night Out!!! Come! Bring a friend!

Femmepreneurs Biz Buzz & Luncheon
Tuesday February 16 / 11:30 to 4 PM / 20€ per person, Carabistouilles, Orgeval

Our second event is with Femmepreneurs, an association for women entrepreneurs based in the Yvelines.

Founders of Femmepreneurs

FCP and Femmepreneurs are organizing a Business Buzz with a luncheon on Tuesday February 16 starting around 11:30 and ending anytime before 4 PM. We’ll have our own private room in the upstairs part of the restaurant. You don’t need to be a member. You can come and meet Femmepreneurs (I should say US because I’m a member too!), and if you wish you can join later. This group is full of experienced English-Speaking entrepreneurs who can give you tips as well as a strong and friendly support network for English speaking business women working or who want to be, based in the west of Paris. Please rsvp as soon as possible! If you’re a member, you can rsvp to Femmepreneurs as well.

Cani-café for Dog Lovers
Thursday February 18 / 9:30 / free, Orgeval                     rsvp for address


Third and last event for this month is our Cani-café, taking place at my house and garden.   If the weather permits, we will all go for a walk in the park across the street from me. Meet Alexandra Petit, « educateur canin et comportementaliste ».  She’s a dog whisperer to me! My dog, Ina, loves her and listens to her more than she does to me! Her secret? I think it’s a positive reinforcement method, fun and gentle without any harmful instruments.  Animals are her passion! All of them. You can ask her questions and even join her Saturday walking groups. They’re fun and helpful. Your dog will love it! Helen Michell and I love her. Relationships with our dogs should be fun and stressless. If you’re thinking about having a dog, come along too! Even if you don’t have a dog, join us. It’s going to be very relaxed!

A little wine, some serious business planning (or not), and some fun with our pets. What a wonderful month it’s going to be. Happy February! See you soon.


One last thing. If you would like to help out welcoming the Syrian refugees in Orgeval, you can look at this site and contact the association directly. A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have already helped out!!! You’re fantastic!
Orgeval Fraternite Réfugiés

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