Happiness is Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Every year I look forward to the month of November and of course Thanksgiving.  Having grown up in New York, I celebrated this holiday and its meaning stayed with me. It’s a beautiful celebration of gratitude, along with an amazing meal. I’m grateful for

Carabistouilles to agree to celebrate it as well. I hope many friends will join us Thursday November 26!

It’s also a special time this year for me because I just finished an amazing 8 week meditation class with one of Jon Kabat-Zinn‘s students, here in the Yvelines! I’m patting myself on the back for not having missed a single class. It meant saying NO to other important things in my life but YES to discovering myself and LEARNING from a new experience. And I finally understood that gratitude really is a PATH to happiness. Through mindfulness meditation techniques and the philosophy behind Jon Kabat-Zinn’s methods (also of Eckhart Tolle), I learned among other things that I was not grateful enough for what I had. I still have to work on it, but it’s definitely getting clearer.

How lucky we are that gratitude is the same word in French and in English, originating from latin gratus which can also mean awareness! How about giving yourself some kindness and gratitude? Many people, especially women, won’t dare to do that because they were educated not to. It’s considered by some as being self-centered and even selfish. Nonsense!! Well, this month, let’s try it without the guilt trip. Let’s take care of ourselves because we will be giving so much of ourselves in December. I personally not only have to prepare Noël here in Orgeval with my mother and mother in law (both are extra work!)  but also my children’s birthdays (December 19 and December 30), along with all of the schools fêtes, etc… I’m sure your schedules are as crazy as mine!

So let’s « meditate » on how to lighten the up-coming holiday stress by making it easy on ourselves. For example, pencil into your agendas the wonderful local ventes privées in your area. Why get stuck in horrible Parisian traffic or wait for trains that don’t arrive when you have beautiful products at your door step? For example, I’m inviting you to come shop at Zapallar, in Orgeval, 237 rue de la Verte Salle! What a perfect place to buy little Christmas and New Year gifts to spoil yourself or to decorate your dinner table and tree? They have such a variety of products and new ones coming in every week! Join us on Friday November 27. Treat yourself to a coffee or tea with a pastry for 5€, also smoothies and fruit juice for 3€ more, all organic.



Want to celebrate THANKSGIVING with other people but don’t want to cook? Join us!!

STD thanksgiving15

Book your table at Carabistouilles! 

Stay tuned for more ideas about how to be kind to yourself!

Lots of love,


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