Café de la Rentrée des Mamans, Tuesday September 22nd, 9:30-11:30

Hello! Welcome back!

I hope you are all healthy, relaxed, full of sunshine, happy, and ready for a new school year? Good for you. Me too except for a back problem but I’m full of new energy.

I always feel like this is the beginning of the new year,

much more so than after Christmas. I just had two months away from scholarly routine involving cooking meals on time, doing homework with them, taxiing the kids around, making sure they get up and go to school early in the morning, etcetera. I had time to do other things and meditate about my life. After a month of July visiting with our American family touring around North East USA, and seeing Chicago for the first time (that was fun!) and swimming in Lake Michigan and another lake north of Michigan (much warmer!), and then after a month of August decluttering and renovating my country house (« grange » apartment rented! yay!) which was a back-breaking and exhausting task, I am ready for a new beginning. Today, Sunday, only a week after our return, I am already making plans.

So here are my new year resolutions.

1. I will learn how to meditate with a serious teacher. He happens to be my « kiné » too so he’ll fix my back problems as well… I hope!

2. I will cook healthier and more vegetarian meals.

3. I will focus on my dream project, (am still looking for partners). The bilingual cafés will continue but focused only on specific themes related to health and wellness. Relaxation, Reiki, nutrition, mindfulness, etcetera

4. I will do more yoga and maybe try pilates.

5. I will work more on my relationships with my kids and husband. I don’t know where to begin but I think my family is going through a little crisis! We will hopefully succeed to fix it. sigh…

6. I will take my dog on more walks. It will be beneficial for me and for her and every Sunday, our family will go for a long walk or bike ride, rain or shine! It’s so important and we are very privileged to live in a beautiful part of France.


Are you ready for a Mom’s café de la rentrée? How about Tuesday morning September 22nd at Carabistouilles? And please bring a friend or two!  RSVP if you can, thanks!

à bientôt,

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