We Are Charlie

‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.’ Martin Luther King Jr.

I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year again but it seems very awkward. How could I not react to what happened? Do you feel like me that it’s not only human beings that have been killed, but also our democracy has been badly injured! I don’t believe this is about religion and I will do all my possible to explain to my children that religion does not kill! We must not be accusing the Islam people for this horrible act. In fact, its the contrary, we should be by their side and support them because they are hurting as much as we are. Maybe this horrible act will have a positive side effect one day and finally unite people instead of dividing them? I really wish for that. It’s difficult to think positive but it makes me stronger.

What are you telling your children? This is my biggest worry. What are they going to hear at school? As soon as I pick them up from school, I will make sure that things are clear in their naïve innocent little heads. They need to be educated, not scolded! I know I will hear things that will spark a fuse in me! There will be explosives in my heart! But with patience and love, I will try to put out the fires of hatred and division with .

A very thoughtful Mom shared this picture on Facebook. I will print it out and put it up on the wall for everyone to see. Maybe I’ll print out some more. Images are often more powerful than words, especially for children. I don’t think my children are old enough to see a real Charlie Hebdo magazine however. But this little drawing explains a lot already.


I want my children to understand how privileged we are to live in a true democratic country  that has complete freedom of expression! Do they know this? I am 48 years old and when I was a teenager, then a young rebellious adult in France, I enjoyed reading this magazine. I didn’t always agree and was always shocked but I liked that. It made me think about problems in our society and gave me the freedom to express my opinion too. I liked being (and still do) provoked by these drawings.

Charlie will never die because this is France. I feel very Charlie today. I’m provocative, insolent, vulgar, and rude, but I also believe in humor, solidarity, freedom of expression, and love for all mankind. Charlie loves us. Charlie is eternal.



6 commentaires sur « We Are Charlie »

  1. Irreverance and the ability to challenge, question, speak freely are all things I take for granted, so I am really shocked and stunned that someone would seek to suppress this in a country built on these values. This was an attack on the principals of freedom of expression, diversity, and the core values of France.
    Thanks for your thoughtful article, Agnes!


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