Family Café Project Charity Fair : Noël pour Tous, 5 décembre 2014




(version française pour demain)

Our Christmas Charity Fair will take place on Friday December 5th in Orgeval. When you look at the flyer, you will notice that profits will go to a few chosen charities. They all have a common goal of helping either children from underprivileged backgrounds or children who are terminally ill become happier,

more independent, and better educated. These charities give them another chance at life or may make a wish come true if one’s life hasn’t been at all lucky. We were all born under different conditions and in different environments. Why not help those who are not as fortunate as we are?

Another seductive aspect of our Fair is the melting pot of countries from around the world. We have representatives from Ireland, England, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Iran, India, the USA, and Portugal, and products coming from as far away as Poland (like Bunzlau castle Pottery), Cambodia, and many more exotic places.

We want this event to be in reach of all customers; so you will not find products above 30€. Our idea was to present items that can fill stockings (maybe they won’t actually fit, but you get the idea!).  Also, a couple of new entrepreneurs will bake us some tasty and unique food. We can donate money to their new enterprises and give them feedback as well. Helen and Charlotte for example are concerned about children’s snacks being too sweet so they will create less sugary ones that we will have a chance to try.

Please join us and come enjoy yourselves! And today being Thanksgiving, I will say a big thank you in advance on behalf of all the children you will be helping out!

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