FCP Rentrée: News and More, by Helen Mitchell


Family Café Project (FCP) made a lively « rentrée » on Friday, 2 October at Carabistouilles. Around 17 members (new ones!) came and shared a diverse and exciting range of personal projects and businesses that are up and running, in the pipeline or about to launch. With such a talented pool of resources on offer,

be sure to ask if you are in need of help in any way as it looks like the FCP network can point you in the right direction.

We also pointed out that the ongoing success of the FCP will be dependant on the members. Agnès has started working so let’s all chip in to take the pressure off and keep this initiative going. Do contact us with suggestions for future meetings but also consider hosting one. Some tea andcoffee and a warm welcome are all that is required to host and with most people on tight schedules, the meeting time can be tailored to suit your timetable. There are only 9/10 meetings in the year and with a growing number of members, a little help from everyone will ensure we keep FCP alive and kicking!

So, with longer and darker nights, rainy days and winter settling in, what better way to lift the gloom and doom of the oncoming winter than discussing our next holidays?

Do you always go to the same place? Are you looking for somewhere more exciting? Somewhere to take younger children/larger families? Have you had a fantastic holiday experience/gotten a brilliant deal for skiing/sun that you can share with others? Is there a place that you would avoid at all costs? Would you like to take an extended break to work for a charity abroad? Are there hidden gems nearer to home that not many people know about but that are sooo worth visiting? Let’s get our holiday projects going and make sure we make the most of our free time!

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday November 6th at 9:30 am. Let us know if you can come and we’ll send address details.

We look forward to another exciting and interesting FCP discussion to kick off our holiday research and beat that winter gloom!

Helen & Agnès

PS: In the meantime, FCP and Carabistouilles are planning a fun and scary Halloween Party for all ages Friday October 31st!  If you’re interested, call Carabistouilles directly and book your tables. 01 39 75 45 25Halloween

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