Swinging the blues!


It’s raining today after a blissful Indian summer week-end.  Already I’m thinking about getting ready for what I dread the most: less sun, less heat, less daylight and less leaves on the trees. Just yesterday I was cursing at the forest because I couldn’t walk peacefully under it’s canopy without getting bombarded with spiky chestnuts.

Okay, let’s start over

and see the positive! It’s raining after a blissful Indian summer week-end!  I’m happy because David sprinkled and sowed some grass seeds over the patches of dirt the moles (now dead and gone! no pity here!) left us. The grass will grow and we will have a beautiful lawn. The trees are changing colors. Soft pastels of green, orange and brown, and red berries on the evergreen bushes. I shouldn’t walk under the chestnut trees but I discovered some black berries on the edge of the forest and delight in a feast of ‘mures ». I decided I’d wear my bike helmet next time I walk my dog. The exercise feels so good and the fresh air gives me energy. New scents of apples and dried flowers like pot-pourri uplift my mood. There is less light but I have a cozy office to sit in and it is time to write more.

I just did my version of swinging the blues! Somedays it is harder I admit but if you just make the extra effort…. I actually just went through a period of « rentrée blues ». I think I was in fact exhausted from the summer. Yes, I had an exciting and fun RV trip in California. When I look at my pictures, it brings me great memories. But the last three weeks of summer back in France were strenuous. Not enough sleep during the RV trip and not enough sleep afterwards, jet lag, then dealing with my kids plus my cousin’s daughter, who were fighting all the time (two’s company, not three) and then having to organize the rentrée with a tired body and brain. It really got me down. To the point that I went to see a doctor and he thought I should take an anti-depressant!

Welcome to France! The country that consumes the most anti-depressants!  Well, it may work for some people, but for me, it was a big mistake. After complaining to my doctor about all the side effects, he eventually admitted he made « une erreur ». Yes! A French doctor admitted this to me! Not only that, but he said that sometimes « artists » need a different molecule because they can’t stand feeling un-creative. That was exactly how I felt. A robot or a even a zombie. He said I was an artist! Now, that made me feel good. I had told him I liked to write and created fun activities to teach English to kids. My powers to create were hindered by this new chemistry.  I listened to my body and stopped it. He said that was normal and he agreed to stop it too.

Feeling much better now. Monday mornings are always wonderful because I start the day with a great yoga class!  Then I walked with my best friend, Ina (my dog), in the forest. She looks like a wolf. I run with my wolf in the forest. I connect with nature and the wild. This is important for me: to be in touch with nature, to listen to my body, and to « fix » whatever is getting me down.  I like being called an artist. I tend to associate artists with hypersensitivity. They see and feel things differently. Seriously, I think everybody is an artist. Are you feeling down? Maybe you need to get in touch with your artistic side and be more creative? Try it!

Let’s talk about this over a coffee sometime soon. We’ll call it « how to swing the blues » café. Don’t forget to listen to some jazz once in a while. It can be uplifting too! Just discovered this blog about music and this article « Swinging the Blues ». Having fun listening to it. Enjoy! Hope to see you soon. Friday maybe?

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