14 days to go! Convocation assemblée générale de l’association


La version française pour très bientôt!

Dear friends,

Today was our last café for the school year and it took place in Villennes sur Seine.  We met with accomplished writers Lizzie Harwood and Jennie Goutet on Lizzie’s roof terrace with the sun warming our backs. I didn’t know what to expect at first but I learned so much! It was a meeting for wannabe writers but we also talked about many other things. A very nice time.

I made the resolution to

write more. I thought the problem was going to be finding time, but now I realize that I naturally wake up early in the morning and am so alert. Instead of worrying about being tired and frenetically trying to fall back sleep (which fails every time anyway) I will get up quietly, sit down at my desk, and write….. after disconnecting internet! The temptation to look at Facebook or emails is too big.  The only sounds will be birds singing and smells of the cool morning dew make a perfect setting for creative writing. If I write at least 30 minutes every morning, I will feel like I’ve already been productive and I can get on with my other daily stuff without feeling frustrated!

We will definitely meet again in September but first, I want to have our assemblée générale. There are 14 days left before we take off for the summer.  I need to do this for the proper functioning of the association loi 1901. I thought it might be nice to do it in my home. The problem will be finding a date. I don’t mind doing in the evening and we can have a dinner party too!

Here is my suggestion. If you have ideas or feedback, please come for just a couple of hours or more! It can also be a wednesday afternoon and children are welcome to play together in the back yard! Here are a few times when I’m available:

Monday June 23 lunch time
Tuesday June 24, morning
Wednesday June 25 afternoon with children or evening
Thursday 26 lunch time (pot luck lunch?)
Monday June 30 morning
Tuesday July 1st lunch time or evening
Wednesday July 2nd anytime…I’m packing that day too!

If it is impossible for you to come, you can send me an email with your ideas too. We will talk about them at our meeting.

Thank you for your time and smiles. It was a great year with you and I’m looking forward to September. We have new projects and ideas that I’m sure will please you!!


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  1. It was a real pleasure to chat about a subject close to my heart: writing and finding time to do it! I applaude you for your resolution! Go for it and don’t edit yourself. I’m only free Tues 1st July for your AGM…. if it ends up being on that date. Bonnes vacances d’été if I don’t see you before.


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