Writer’s café this Friday June 20, 9:30 to 11:30, Villennes sur Seine

I am so grateful that Lizzie Harwood contacted me to organize this event at her house, and especially grateful to meet Jennie Goutet. I just finished reading her book and loved every minute of it. Why did I enjoy reading about the life of this woman? and why did I bother anyway?kindle_cover-for-estore-187x300

Isn’t it bizarre reading about the life of a person who isn’t even famous? She’s just like me and you (unless you’re already famous, 🙂 sorry!), that’s why I bothered. There are many other reasons why I didn’t put the book down but the first word that comes to mind when I think of Jennie is « courage ». This woman, like many of us, did not have an easy life, with many ups and downs.  I cried and laughed during my time with her book and felt a little sad when the book was finished. It was like saying good-bye to a friend. And on Friday I will really meet her! I’m so excited! Her courage to share about her life and to never give up helped me. I strongly encourage you to read her book, « A Lady in France ». Perhaps you will put it on your list for the summer?

In the meantime, come Friday! Even if you’re not planning to write your own book. And if you are planning to write, good for you! Lizzie and Jennie are there for you. I find it so therapeutic and I admire writers. I need to share one more thing. I feel lucky to be married to the grandson of Bruce Catton! Some of you may have heard of him if you’re interested in the history of the American Civil War. A fascinating subject, and Mr. Catton, who was in fact a journalist, did a marvelous job at recounting it. David, my husband is a wonderful writer too and he’s always correcting me. There you go. I’m a little bit famous! ha, ha, ha!

Come just to be with us. We are all going through tough times and we all need each other. It’s so different when we can actually see, touch, hear, smell, feel, and talk to each other. I find the computer era to be so cold and unfriendly. Let’s bring warmth to each other and talk about writing!

Have a lovely day and rest of the week,


4 commentaires sur « Writer’s café this Friday June 20, 9:30 to 11:30, Villennes sur Seine »

  1. I had tears and laughter just reading this review. A heartfelt THANK YOU!! and I can’t wait for Friday.

    I’m going to tell my dad about your husband. Either he will know his grandfather, or one of my uncles will. My grandfather was a historian, and they are all huge civil war buffs.



  2. By the way, this is what my uncle said:

    Of course! Mike and I have read many of his books; don’t know about your dad. My love of the Civil War first came from reading Patton’s books.

    You can tell your husband. 🙂


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