JUNE! A Special Writer’s Workshop Friday June 20 and more…

Finally. June! Maybe some more sunshine? Twenty one days until it’s officially summer.  Don’t despair. Pretty soon we will be able to put on our summer dresses!  June is also a count-down month to the long summer vacation for our children, which is sometimes not a vacation for the parents really.  At least I don’t feel it this way. My husband is working and only taking 2 weeks off, and I’m heading down south with the kids to our house in the Ardèche. They will be kept busy at

a pony camp near us, while I will try to continue the renovation project of our house. This year, we will get a new septic tank. Exciting isn’t it?! Also the whole family will be together for 2 weeks on an exciting trip touring California in an RV (Recreational Vehicle, or camping car).  I’m a little nervous about this mode of lodging and transportation all in one because I like my space and comfort but I will be positive and look at the bright sides.  Hmmmm…I’ll tell you later what I can think of.

Hey, if you have any experience with RV’s, please give me some advice that you think will be useful. We already have the RV reserved. Just tips on how to make it a more comfortable trip. Also if you’ve been the campgrounds of the National parks in California, please tell me which ones you preferred!  Maybe we should have a meeting about traveling with children. Remember Helen? It was your idea!


Now for the June « cafés », the family café project has in store for you two big events, another Walk & Talk and a Writer’s café (et un troisième rv si vous voulez faire partie d’un groupe de conversation anglaise.):

Walk & Talk in the Sunshine

Ok, I’m an optimistic. I mean, we get 50% chance of what we wish for! And if it does rain, maybe I’ll be as brave as the five participants on May 22nd. They walked in the rain and wind, all happy and giddy with excitement because they did it! Bravo! I was really feeling under the weather so preferred to sit in a café and chat with Danielle.

So here it is again for Thursday June 5, same place, same time, with Severine again doing the introduction to Mindful Walking.

I’m copying here the same information as last time…Sorry to be repetitive.

It’s going to be a Walk & Talk but also an introduction to Mindful Walking with Séverine Dauguet. Séverine is a « relaxologue ». I think the best translation is relaxation specialist. You can find out more about Séverine on her site, Severine Dauguet but it is in French only. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call her. Her English is perfect.

When? Thursday June 5th
What time? 9:30-11:30, please try to arrive a little earlier
Where? La grande terrasse de le Nôtre in Saint Germain en Laye. Here is a link to help you find the place: Terrasse le Nôtre à Saint Germain en Laye We will wait for you at the « Grille du Château » which is to the left of the Castle when you’re facing it. I hope this is clear enough for you! If not, please call me 06 79 17 57 60, if you’re lost or if you’re late.

Wear comfortable clothes, your favorite walking sneakers, and a light bag with a water bottle. It’s free to join us and at the end of the walk, if you wish, we can have a drink or a coffee at a little café on the terrasse. Danielle and I may stay longer for lunch and you are welcome to stay with us too. We can talk about future cafés!
Here is a brief explanation about the walk with Séverine written by Séverine Dauguet and translated by me:

« Au cours de cette promenade Talk & Walk, je vous proposerai une courte découverte de la marche consciente.
Pratiquée consciemment, la marche est un acte fortement régénérateur, une des pratiques corporelles les plus abouties qui soient.
Le but de la marche consciente est la marche elle même vécue en pleine conscience. L´expérimenter, c´est entrer dans une relation consciente avec nous même et tout ce qui nous entoure : tout est alors vécu plus intensément. La réalité s´offre à nous si nous cessons de nommer, d´analyser ce qui est perçu. Redécouvrez vos sensations corporelles : voyez, écoutez, sentez ! »

« During the Talk & Walk, I will introduce you briefly to mindful walking. When it’s done in a mindful way, walking is a very regenerating activity. It is one of the most complete bodily experiences there is. The goal of mindful walking is that the walk itself is done in a conscious way. When you do it, you are in a conscious relationship with yourself and the environment around you: you feel everything more intensely. Reality comes to us if we stop naming and analyzing everything we see. Rediscover your body sensations: see, listen, feel! »

We hope to see you there! You can call me at the last minute if you wish to join but it would be nice to rsvp as soon as you can so we know to look for you or not.

Writer’s café with Lizzie Harwood and Jennie Goutet, Friday June 20th, Villennes sur Seine

« Everyone has a book in them. » Do you like to write? Come and hear from two published writers, Lizzie Harwood and Jennie Goutet, talk about how they’ve managed to write books while juggling the demands of life.

“There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t, and the secret is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance”.
Stephen Pressfield, The War of Art

Learn more about how to plan your writing time and decide what you’d like to write. We’ll talk about how to approach and structure different types of books — from memoir to fiction novels (including genre fiction such as historical, detective (polars) or romance) to non-fiction where you are writing about an area of expertise in order to promote your brand or products.

To know more about Lizzie and Jennie, here are their blogs:
Jennie Goutet
Lizzie Harwood – Editor Deluxe Publishing Services

I will send you a reminder about this café closer to the date.  Danielle and I will provide beverages and cakes for a 5 € donation if wish.  Thank you Lizzie for lending us your house!

And one last one…pour les françaises qui voudraient pratiquer leur conversation en anglais! Réunion chez Danielle à St. Germain en Laye pour mettre en route notre groupe de conversation anglaise. Nous parlerons de la structure, des horaires, des méthodes, etcetera. Ecrivez nous si cela vous intéresse. Ce sera le matin du mardi 24 juin.

Voilà! Phew, this is a long newsletter, sorry! I hope you will come join us for at least one of our rendez-vous because then it’s no more for July and August. I will also give my blog a new look over the vacation! Lots of new projects for September!

à bientôt!

Agnès et Danielle

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