FENG SHUI, jeudi 6 mars, Thursday March 6, 9:30-11:30



Hello! Welcome back!

I hope you all had a zen break. We have a very interesting café coming up this Thursday March 6! Our friend Lara Stancich, interior decorator, living near us, is going to give us a demonstration of this fascinating ancestral method. Here is a brief explanation in her own words.

« Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice. At its simplest Feng Shui is about creating balance and harmony for energy flows in your homes to bring health and good fortune to the inhabitants. Similar in some ways to the practice of Accupuncture for our bodies, the practice of Feng Shui for our homes (and offices and landscapes!) seeks to ensure that energy, or Chi, flows freely and helpfully .  Clutter is perhaps the number one enemy of good Feng Shui (see the article below if you are interested in reading more), but other hindrances include awkward angles, narrow passageways, exposed beams, poor lighting…

Eight compass directions are each associated with eight areas of our lives: Fame & Reputation; Relationships, Love; Children & Creativity; Mentors, Networking & Travel;  Career; Knowledge; Family; Wealth & Prosperity. At a minimum, we want to ensure that nothing in our homes is hindering or harming these areas. In some cases we may wish to actively enhance an area, for example the career area and networking area, if you are job-hunting.  

Feng Shui can be very complex, and a Feng Shui Master would develop a diagnosis and solutions very specific to the individuals and their circumstances. Nevertheless there are more general, simple tips we can all benefit from to help achieve balance and good energy flows in our homes, and at Thursday’s Family Cafe, I hope to share some of these with you!

Here is the link to a useful article on Feng Shui and decluttering: how-to-transform-your-living-space-to-attract-good-fortune »

And if you wish to learn more, come join us Thursday March 6, 9:30! Please rsvp to agnescatton@yahoo.com for the address.  Coffee and treats will be served, 5€ per person please to help with the association fees.

See you soon!

Agnès and Danielle

Pour une traduction en français, merci de me contacter.

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