New Year Resolution for you! (and next café, Tuesday January 14)


I’m so excited! Thanks to Facebook, and a very smart friend on Facebook, I found the perfect article that basically says what I wanted to write about. And since it’s a little painful still for me to write, it’s so convenient. I would like to share this wonderful article: How to Eliminate « Junk Stimulus » and please read it. I could not have written it better (well maybe a little…:) )

This is my resolution for 2014! well it was the one for 2013 and 2012, etc… I guess it’s my everyday resolution. I really believe there’s too much « junk » in our environment and if we get rid of some of it, we will find time, oh precious time, to enjoy life!

That’s all folks! I hope to see you at our next café Tuesday January 14, 11 AM. Robynne Pendaries, our professional organizer (known especially by Message in Paris people) will  show us how we can better organize our homes using Sonja’s home. Sonja has two little ones, and I’m happy to render her this service. It isn’t easy to keep one’s home tidy with a baby and a toddler. I’m not saying her home isn’t tidy, but I remember those days when my kids were that age. If my home had been better organized, it wouldn’t have looked like a tornado went through it every day!  Robynne is a pro. She’s funny and smart! It will be a good time and you will leave with the excitement of organizing your home!

Please rsvp so we can plan. And I’ll send you the address too.

à bientôt! and read the article… 🙂



PS: I promise not to post anything more about Christmas after this article!! Just found this old picture of me…ha, ha!

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