Happy Thanksgiving! Are you happy?

I am so grateful to have a few minutes to myself so I can write in my blog. All day I’ve been thinking: what can I write that is different than what other people write for thanksgiving? Why do I need to be different anyway? I guess I don’t want to bore you.

Okay, here it goes. I am grateful for feeling happily satisfied with my present life. You can’t imagine how big this is for me. I used to be a « râleuse », a big complainer. Sure David still hears me complain about this or that…but I think he’d agree with me that I do it much less now. This is actually a message to my dear husband. I don’t tell him enough how grateful I am to him. It is in part thanks to David that I’m feeling happy. It’s not only about the money, although it definitely helps! It’s a privilege for me to be available at home for my kids and husband and mother in law and mother and whoever is visiting (my sister and her family right now) and whoever needs help for anything. I’m thankful that I have this option to stay at home. We don’t need the second salary to live more comfortably (even a bit more would be nice so we could travel more!). And it’s not only about the money. David doesn’t make me feel guilty because I’m not working. He’s happy when i’m happy. But it’s even more than that. I don’t feel the social pressure to have a « real » job.

So in the end, my happiness comes from not only from the material comfort but from deep in myself, how I view myself. I used to feel worthless, boring, uninteresting, and more because I didn’t have a professional occupation. Well, I’m so grateful I don’t feel this way anymore. I feel more zen. I’m a lot nicer to myself. It took me a lot of work and years to come to this state of being. I hope it lasts! My life can only get better now.

Just wanted to share this little bit about myself. Now, I’m going to get ready to celebrate with my friends and family at Carabistouilles. This is what life should be like every day, a celebration! Cheers to all of you who are reading me.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too! and be nice to yourself too!


Un avis sur “Happy Thanksgiving! Are you happy?

  1. I am being nice to myself at a business lunch:), although maybe not nice enough to my waistline. This blog is one of the best Thanksgiving messages I’ve ever seen or had. DH.


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