Thanksgiving, a real family project!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only because of the food, which is so delicious and perfect for the season. It’s especially because of the spirit and the message behind it. I prefer not to think of the historical background because unfortunately the Indians suffered more than profited from the new settlers. Let’s leave the past where it is since we can’t do anything about it. We can think now and ahead about what we are thankful for. That is the real spirit of Thanksgiving.

When I was growing up in New York, my parents did not celebrate Thanksgiving because they were French. Instead we went out to a fine restaurant in the country. I can remember the smells of the spices, sweet potatoes and turkey coming from the kitchen. A fire would be crackling in the candle-lit colonial stone house room. Decorations that reminded us of pioneer days and simple country living. It was all very New England, warm and cozy. We would dress up in our Sunday clothes, often too warm for the well heated restaurant.

The only thing missing was family. I remember enjoying the restaurant but I knew most of my American friends were in a home somewhere cooking together, catching up on their lives, laughing and crying about their loved ones. Our family was in France and I was with them in spirit, knowing we would see them at Christmas, a month away. My favorite American show was the Little House in the Prairie because of all the love the people had for each other. The village was like a great big family.  It was difficult times but they were happy and thankful for each other. I wonder if people are still doing this today. Everybody is so busy with their work, their computers and themselves. Do people still have family gatherings? Do they still spend hours cooking for their loved ones? Do they help their neighbors? I hope so. I’m afraid that all this technology is taking the humanity out of humans. But that’s another issue…

I have family arriving today and more on Sunday for 2 weeks but I will not be cooking for Thanksgiving. I’ll do that every other day! I convinced a new restaurant in Orgeval to put together a Thanksgiving dinner menu for Thursday November 28. Everybody can come. See the posters I’ve attached for more information. Please reserve with them directly. I would love to share this special occasion with you. It’ll be like a big family reunion, a family café project Thanksgiving!

See you there!
Agnès and Danielle

thanksgiving 1-3 thanksgiving 2-4

Un avis sur “Thanksgiving, a real family project!

  1. I can remember when my father dropped a « French » turkey on the floor when presenting it to my very Christian godparents. Can’t remember if we scooped it up and ate it, but I can imagine him so embarassed that I chuckle about it as I write. No better US fete, even without the football….


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