Friday November 8, next « café à thème » about nutrition at Carabistouilles

Hello blog, hello readers! It feels like I’ve been away for a long time. It was a busy « Toussaint » vacation, and not so restful unfortunately. I’m still feeling sluggish and just want to go to sleep. The weather isn’t making it any easier either. I did get to escape, went to Venice for 3 days, and feasted on art and good food! That was my real break. The rest wasn’t very eventful. I’m so happy to be back on my blog too!

I’m also proud to announce our next café this Friday (not Thursday!) at Carabistouilles again. We were so happy there last time and the speaker lives nearby so pourquoi pas! Charlotte Debeugny will be talking to us about nutrition and weight loss. She created her own business and I really recommend you join her blog. She posts really interesting articles about food trends and recent research. I’ve consulted with her a couple times and she gave me recipes and sound advice.

Nutrition is a subject that has always fascinated me. I really try to feed my family the best food but I have to admit, some days it’s really discouraging. I used to cook complicated dishes in another chapter of my life, before kids. Today, meals at home are very simple but I try to make them balanced.  Well, now they do like curry and asian food. With time children will try new things! I think we shouldn’t give up and try to put a lot of variety on the table. Variety may be the secret to a healthy diet too. I strongly believe everything is linked. The quality of your food will affect your health, weight, moods, energy… I like to know where my food comes from and will pay more for local and organic products.

There is so much to learn from Charlotte. We are already about 12 people signed up! Some I know don’t even need to lose weight but are coming because it’s an important subject. This café is not about a new diet, it’s about learning healthy habits and eating right for you and the whole family.

See you soon!


place de l’église – Orgeval 78630

9-11, Friday November 8

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