Happy families in child friendly restaurants

Saturday night our plans changed and we wound up in a Chinese buffet restaurant in Orgeval. It was late, the children were hungry and tired, we were cold from being outside for a long time, and we knew it was going to be easy and quick. I really needed a hot chinese soup!

Well, it was quite an experience, for me at least. First, it was full of families! but most of all, children and babies! I didn’t count but there must have been 10 babies and the same amount of small children. I’m not pulling your leg. It was noisy for a little while because one baby was crying but after that, it was just normal family noise. Everybody seemed in a good mood, enjoying their food. The kids loved to help themselves, they can get up from the table as much as they like. The restaurant owners are extremely patient and kind. Their clients are definitely treated like kings, queens, princes and princesses! even our puppy Ina is welcome and just sleeps the whole time!

And I was happy. Happy to see parents get out of the house with their babies, happy to see babies (I miss my babies), happy people and children, all together, and happy to see smiling restaurant employees too (it’s doing well I believe)! It was very enjoyable amidst the noise!

So this little story brings me to my dream. I still dream of opening up a café for families, where children and babies are welcome and happy to be there. Maybe some day, this will happen, but in the mean time, if you’re a mom or dad with a baby, please come to our café meetings with your little ones!

And I thought of another thing. If you have any similar experience to what I had Saturday night, please tell us about it! and where was it? Let’s put together a list of child friendly restaurants in our area! I can tell you about 2 more in Orgeval. La Pataterie, where children have a little library to sit and read in. My children love it! and Buffalo Grill ofcourse. I don’t love the food that much but I do find it relaxing when I’m fed up with cooking and being at home. It’s cheap and we parents need a break!

See you soon I hope!

2 commentaires sur « Happy families in child friendly restaurants »

  1. So what’s the name of the Chines restaurant? and address please, would love to try it out sometime!
    As for a good family friendly restaurant I suggest Hippotamus in Louveciennes, great play area, where the kids have a fantastic time! 🙂


    1. It’s called « Au Rendez-vous d’Asie ». It’s off the route des 40 Sous, in the same shopping area as the Naturéo. I love their wok service too. You choose what you want and a sauce to go with it, and they cook it for you in 3 minutes in a wok. It’s always fresh vegetables and meat. Thanks for the Hippo address!


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