Back to school!

This is it. La « rentrée ». The first day of school. It feels a bit like the first day of a new year. I should be feeling happy because I can get back to our project, but the reality is, I’m feeling a bit down. Yep. I had my kids with me every single day and night during the whole summer. Now the house is so quiet, like after a big storm or in the middle of the night. It’s just Leo and me. Leo is our new family member, a grey Chartreux kitten with green eyes. He prefers to play with the children. I think the kids taught him to ignore me like they do! But I think he will get used to being at home with me and eventually come sit on my computer and mess up what I’m writing, which is what cats like to do.

Well at least it’s a beautiful summery day. I have a few more loads of laundry and a ton of mail to go through. I know a lot of moms and dads are doing like me and will need time to adapt to the rentrée. We have a few meetings to go to and get a routine into place for the kids. I’ll be ready to really work on the café project once the house is in order. It’s the way I am. First the family and house, then my project.

How was your summer by the way? Ours was very busy and fun and we are now used to driving for hours. Owen and Diane had lots of games and DVD’s to watch and never once complained or even got car sick. We are very fortunate to have such good travelers. Although our last trip back was a bit annoying with Leo meowing most of the way but that occupied the children too. He stopped complaining when they played with him.

The highlight of my summer was getting back into shape! I’m can run almost 6km now without coming apart and feeling my heart is going to explode and I feel great. Why didn’t I get into running before? It’s a wonderful sport. I’m getting ready to run the « Parisienne » on September 15. I’ve also improved with the complaining challenge, « J’arrête de râler ». I haven’t counted the days but I think I can do it now for 21 days! And the problems at our country house are slowly going away. We’ve got a new kitchen and work in the « grange » part will begin soon. Eventually things work out with patience, positive thinking, and no complaining. It really worked for me.

Time to get the house in order and put food in the fridge for the week!

Bon courage parents! My children were so happy to go back to school so I’m not worrying about them. But I am feeling and bit lonely. Oh, here comes Leo to cheer me up! Cats are good at that! Leo

Bonne rentrée! and stay tuned for the Family café project facebook page and events.

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