Happy 4th of July!

Hurray!  It’s a happy day for us because we are finally on vacation! It begins today at 4:30 PM when I pick up the kids. First we’ll go to Italy, then south east of France, then south west of France, then back to Paris, then USA, then back to Paris for a few days, then south east again! Sounds like a lot of traveling but we will stay long periods in each place. I’m alone with the children most of the time and David will be back home working. I know it won’t be easy for me but I’m going to try to be creative and make it less stressful. I need to succeed my new challenge! If you read French (sorry, I’m behind on translations), you will know that I’m doing a « 21 day challenge » of not complaining. It’s really hard! I have French blood and we are expert complainers.

Anyway, I wish you all a very happy summer and holiday too if you’re taking a break. I will be able to write about our new ideas and changes for the family café project. Pretty soon we will be an « association loi 1901 »! We will be official in a French way. We are very excited about the « rentrée ». Remember, Thursday September 26 at my house, our first café! If you would like to join us, please email me at agnescatton@yahoo.com.

Happy 4th of July and happy summer! May it be sunny and relaxing!

happyDiane is very happy at breakfast time that it’s her last school day!

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