Chicken Bricks and health

My dear husband last night loved the dinner I prepared! He really raved about it and said I should write about the chicken brick. I used it to roast pork last night for the first time and the meat was tender and moist. Everyone should have a chicken brick! Not only the result is delicious, but it’s so easy. Even my children could use it or my husband…hmmmm, now that’s an interesting thought!

A chicken brick is made out of terracotta clay. You can put a nice 3lb. chicken or pork loin in it, add some herbs, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Pop it in the oven and forget about it for 11/2 hours. Amazing! You’ll never want to cook chicken any other way. It’s healthy and succulent because it cooks in its own juices. It also keeps the oven clean because it’s like a clay oven within your oven. chickenbrick

Simple to use, clean, delicious, healthy, convenient. While it’s cooking, I can do homework with the kids or watch TV (just kidding… as if I had time!). Why I wanted to write about this is not to sell you chicken bricks, although I’m sure I would be good at it! I wanted to write about food actually. There are so many concerns about what we eat but what are we doing about it? I have to admit, I spend a lot of time and money on good quality food and we are privileged. Good quality organic food is expensive, unless you grow your own vegetables and have a chicken coop in your back yard. We should eat: non processed (no to Findus!), less sugar, less salt, less fat, less gluten, more omegas, more vitamins, more nutritious, but more importantly more taste and more pleasure, because you feed your mind as well.

I won’t dwell on this subject that is so vast! I read a long article last night in the New York Times: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. Are we victims of this consumer society or just too weak and lazy to do something about it? or both! We do have the choice to eat better but these giant companies know how to manipulate our minds. I am very worried that my children will be addicted to sugar more than they already are! I can control myself but I do get occasional cravings for salty chips and chocolate. My husband is addicted to diet coke. What are we doing to our bodies? our minds actually? because that’s where it all begins. We are what we eat. It is so true! My children will be excited, then tired, then cranky after lots of sugar. It’s my fault in the end if they are sometimes difficult to handle after a birthday party or a cupcake goûter. They are happy for a short time sure, but what is happening in their bodies and minds in the long term? and how to say no? they are already so addicted to candy, they put up a real fight when they can have it and are ready to strangle me to get it! My children even have a secret stash in their rooms. I throw it out. Sorry kids. It’s a mom’s job I tell them. They say they hate me. I say, I love you too.

I am lucky to be surrounded by very smart women and friends. One of them, Charlotte, is a nutritionist  and has wonderful advice to all the questions I have about nutrition. She will propose delicious and healthy recipes. My kids love it when I bake these funky, fruity muffins made with rice flour, apples and cashew nuts… I was thinking of asking her to put together workshops for us moms with these concerns. We could even have the kids join and then we can cook together! This is one of my dreams for a family café. Would you come? What questions would you ask her? Here is her website if you would like to know more. Get her newsletter too. It’s full of wonderful advice and recipes!

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