Happy Fat Tuesday!

mardigrasToday is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday! It’s also a day of major striking here and I have my kids home with me. So this one will be short.

I wanted to educate my kids about Mardi Gras today by showing them some fun parades around the world. Well, after doing some research on internet, I discovered the wiseGEEK site. I found a clear explanation about the meaning of mardi gras, some interesting facts and videos too. We escaped a while to New Orleans…sigh…would love to go there now.

Okay, we already made Valentine cards and masks with hearts so we don’t feel like doing anymore.

Did you know today is also called Pancake day? Great idea!!!!

Happy mardi gras!

4 commentaires sur « Happy Fat Tuesday! »

  1. Was indeed a happy and very FAT Tuesday, with our favorite Hachis Parmentier (see the Lennen cookbook recipe — complete with lots of carrots) !!! How is it that a child who has adored a given dish all there life can suddenly decide s/he won’t like it? Even without sibling pressure? Never an easy evening.


  2. In Ireland, we call it « Pancake Tuesday ». It’s a day for seriously pigging out on pancakes. I think the idea is that you’re not going to eat anything (anything illegal immoral or fattening, ie good) for the rest of Lent (Catholic country), so this your last opportunity for the next forty days until roast lamb on easter sunday …


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