Fill the Gap

Yesterday, I went to a seminar called « Travailler en France » at the Lycée International. It was organized by Check-in to France, an amazing group of volunteers who helps expats get settled in when they arrive here. Not only new expats but also French expats that come back to France after many years abroad. They also experience a culture shock!

I went there to begin networking and met many interesting people. However, the one that stuck with me the most was an interesting Italian man (there were only two male species in the room and he was one of them!) who gave a talk about how to write your resumé or curriculum vitae. I thought I was going to be able to nap through this talk because in my opinion my CV was alright. Wrong!!! I woke up suddenly realizing that there is a very big « tache » on my CV. A « tache » is an ugly stain and it really shows on a white shirt. Well, on my CV, the stain is a huge gap between 2004 and 2013. Basically my CV says to any potential employer that I did nothing during 8 years. I put my brain on « pause » and maybe like a battery it lost its power. I lived in a cave or something…basically I left the working planet for 8 years and now I expect to make a comeback? Who does this woman think she is?

Well I can’t let this happen obviously. I need to fill in this gap and show everybody that when you build a family and choose to stay at home to do that job, you acquire new skills and it’s quite an experience! Now, how to make this stand out not as a « tache » but as a beautiful flower is my next step.

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